What about fever during pregnancy?

Author: Su Xiang, Dalian Women and Children’s Medical Center

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are most afraid of getting sick during pregnancy.Once sick, not only the pregnant mother’s own immunity has decreased, but it will also be cured slowly because it cannot be used casually. It is easy to affect the fetus for a long time.Therefore, pregnant mothers do not want to be sick, even if they are just a small cold.What if pregnant women have a fever?

When a fever occurs during pregnancy, first check the specific body temperature.If there is no high fever, it is generally not recommended to treat it, and during this period, it takes physical cooling.Try not to cover sweat after fever.Covering sweat may cause the body temperature to continue to rise, it is easy to affect the body of the pregnant woman, and the serious may also affect the growth and development of the baby.Covering sweat may also cause a large amount of sweat for pregnant women, decreased body fluid in the body, affecting the amount of blood volume, and the collapse of pregnant women.Can be wiped with warm water, a warm bath, and lowering the body temperature to normal.Drink plenty of warm water, light diet, pay attention to rest, pay attention to observation, whether there are other discomforts.If there is a high fever, the symptomatic treatment should be taken in time, and the heating drugs that can be used safely during pregnancy can be taken to the acetaminol.If you have pain or cough or runny nose, most of them are symptoms of common colds. Generally, they can heal themselves for 7 days. Drink plenty of water to rest. Women during pregnancy are special times, and any change in the body may affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, women during pregnancy should pay attention to keep warm, maintain adequate sleep, achieve nutritional balance, improve their immunity, and avoid symptoms of discomfort.

Review expert: Wu Gaolei, deputy director of Dalian Women and Children’s Medical Center

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