What a stupid behavior during pregnancy, irresponsible to children!

Smoking itself is not good for health, let alone a woman.Especially when you are pregnant, you ca n’t change the problem of smoking, which will cause how much harm to itself, including the fetus, and how much harm.

The reason for female smoking is

This has a great connection with personal personality, as well as work needs, and so on.Smoke addiction is really difficult to quit, but for health, quitting smoking is really necessary.Sometimes in the face of various pressures, you need to relieve emotions through smoking.This bad living habit has been difficult to quit under the long -term deposits.Furthermore, if you plan to ask for a child, Xiaobian recommends that you will abstain from the smoke before preparing for the child.Otherwise, it is really hard to imagine the harm of smoking to the body and the fetus.

Effect of smoking on pregnancy and fetus:

First, the chance of miscarriage will be very high. The abortion itself has certain disadvantages to the body, and the physical fitness will definitely be affected.

Second, the non -specific immune function of pregnant women will be suppressed, causing certain damage, and defense function will also be affected.If the smoke addiction is relatively heavy, the damage will be greater.

Third, the growth of the fetus in the uterus is affected and the growth is slow, which is likely to have growth defects. In simple terms, it is growth deformity.Such as cleft lip and palate, large blood vessels, etc.

Fourth, it is best not to have smoke in the environment of pregnant women. Active smoking and passive smoking. For pregnant women’s body and fetus

The influence is the same. If there is a fortune fetus, the fetus can be born smoothly, but it will have more or less adverse effects on the child’s entire infants and young children.

How should pregnant women quit smoking

First, you can make a plan. Before the real quitting operation, you must be fully prepared.However, when you are smoking, you must control it. You can chew gum, or go out to walk around, eat some snacks or something. In short, you need to divert your attention and resist the temptation.

Second, you can find family and friends as a support. Supervision and encouragement are important.There are family and friends around you who smoke, so stay away, do not let the cigarettes and taste appear in front of them.Passive smoking has a bad impact on pregnant women. Pay attention to your own living environment.

Third, relying on willpower to quit smoking, you may be uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Then listen to the doctor’s opinion, keep in touch with the doctor, talk more, and have the help of doctors. The success rate of quitting smoking will be high.

Third, we must always remind yourself that even for your baby, you must quit smoking, work hard, and psychologically work hard. In order to have a healthy baby, work hard to quit smoking, persist, believe in yourself.

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