Washing tubes blocked the road of "good pregnancy", can you still conceive your baby?

The fallopian tube is the component of women’s internal genitals that bear the heavy responsibility sperm and eggs of human pregnancy.It may end before it starts.

The fallopian tube is blocked. As the name suggests, the fallopian tube is blocked.

The general fallopian tube blockage is divided into three types:

1. Wasoplopaus is not smooth

It belongs to mild symptoms, as long as treatment can usually be conceived;

2. The fallopian tube is not closed

Most of the fallopian tubes are normal. Only a small part of the damage is mild, and the chance of conception after dredging is also relatively large;

3. The fallopian tube is completely unreasonable

It belongs to more serious, severe fallopian tube damage and many damage are irreversible, and the chance of cure is relatively small.

1. Congenital reasons

Some women have poor congenital fallopian tubes, twisted and detailed fallopian tubes, and congenital lesions and dysfunction of fallopian tubes may cause tubal blockage;

2. Donatitis

When inflammation of the fallopian tube, the umbrella end and the narrowest part of the fallopian tube are prone to adhesion and the lumen stenosis or even completely locks, thereby blocking the fallopian tube;

3. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is generally manifested as bilateral tubulitis. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease may also make the fallopian tubes stiff and distorted, which causes blockage and cannot be cured.

4. Pelvic adhesion

If pelvic surgery has been performed, 75%of the fallopian tubes will occur with ovarian adhesion during healing, or the adhesion of the fallopian tube and other tissues. If the adhesion, the fallopian tube cannot operate normally;

5. Gynecological tumor

Some tumors such as chocolate cysts or uterine adenomy muscles, their tumors compress the fallopian tube, causing the fallopian tube to adhere to other tissue;

6. Endometriosis

Endometriosis will cause the uterus to be in a state of chronic inflammation for a long time, and it may cause tubal adhesion or blockage over time;

7. Abortion

There is a 1%chance of abortion that causes gynecological infections, causing inflammation, and may cause blocked fallopian tubes;

8. Perial perforation

Women with appendix perforation will increase the chance of damage to the fallopian tube;

9, tuberculosis

If the infection of lung tuberculosis is not completely cured, it may also cause damage to the fallopian tube and cause blockage.

The most common thing is that infertility has been infertile after marriage. After the fallopian tube is blocked, the sperm eggs cannot be combined normally, which will lead to female infertility;

Some women have different degrees of pain in the lower abdomen, and the menstrual period is more obvious;

Due to the most inflammatory fallopian tubes, if it affects the ovaries, the ovaries will be damaged and menstrual disorders will occur;

Some women also experience increased leucorrhea, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction, etc.

If you have been infertile after marriage and have the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for relevant examinations to determine the condition.

1. B -ultrasound

B -ultrasound can only detect whether the fallopian tube may have stagnant water, but cannot confirm the diagnosis;

2. Donatal tubal water

The fallopian tube water is to inject 20ml physiological saline into the uterine cavity from the cervix, and then inflows from the uterine cavity into the fallopian tube. According to the volume of the liquid resistance and the liquid return, it is determined whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed.But this test is only about 70%accuracy;

3. Create the uterine fallopian tube film through X -ray

Conditioning can clearly see the area, the degree of blockage and nature of the fallopian tube;

4. Laparoscopic examination

Inject pigment solution into the uterine cavity and observe with laparoscopic.

The tubal tube of the tube of the tubal and the gorge is blocked

Generally, the fallopian tube intervention of the X -ray is generally selected. If it fails, you can only be a test tube baby;

The belly of the fallopian tube pot is blocked

It is generally recommended to be a test tube baby;

Donatopa umbrella block

There are two options. One is the laparoscopic tubal umbrella end oral or open tubal umbrella ending of oral surgery. The other is to be a test tube baby.

Astinopatopa adhesion

Generally, underclastsexual laparoscopy is used for fallopian tube adhesion separation;

If conservative treatment is invalid, treatment can be performed through conventional surgery.

① Keep personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of vulva, change panties frequently to prevent infection;

② If diseases such as uterine appendicitis, timely treatment should be treated to avoid delaying the condition, leading to serious consequences;

③ Pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life, avoid multiple personality partners or unclean sex, and prevent vaginal infection disease;

④ Avoid excessive uterine cavity surgery such as artificial abortion and childbirth. After gynecological surgery, you must properly adjust your body.

⑤ Actively exercise, improve your ability to resist disease, and develop good living habits.

Women, be sure to take good care of yourself, hope your beauty, from the inside to the outside.

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