Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend, Sydney, took a nine -month giant belly, and the nose changed doubled after pregnancy. Netizens guessed that their boy was pregnant

Wang Sicong’s most beautiful ex -girlfriend Sydney often shares his life and beauty on his personal Weibo after pregnancy. Among the many ex -girlfriends of Wang Sicong, Sydney is the only one that maintains a good relationship after breaking up with him.It seems that Sydney and Wang Sicong are all masters of love, and their attitude towards her predecessors is also worthy of praise.Sydney married Wang Sicong’s good friend and a rich second generation.On February 2nd, Sydney was exposed to the last month of pregnancy on Weibo, and he was looking forward to it.

The Sydney in the photo is wearing a Korean white princess wind yarn skirt, with Hermes’ platinum bag, and very happy to stroke the child in the belly.The Sydney’s limbs of Sydney nine months of pregnancy are not fat at all, and the figure is pretty good.

Sydney’s skin does not grow acne because of pregnancy, which becomes rough.However, the nose seems to be much larger than before pregnancy. It is rumored that the nose becomes bigger.

Looking closely at Sydney’s waist and abdomen, it is really fatter. For the baby’s nutrition, of course, you have to eat more.

Sydney’s calf looks carefully compared to the past, there are still some belly.But the situation is not serious. After all, Sydney is young and does not belong to the elderly mother. Of course, the state of the entire pregnancy will be relatively easy.

Sydney shared the small clothes they prepared for the baby, most of them were luxury, and a drooling towel cost 320 yuan.I don’t know if the baby is worn by so many clothes.Looking at the colors and styles of these clothes, Sydney’s belly should be male and baby.

Sydney’s belly is so large that he can’t hide anything, it seems that it is possible to produce at any time.

Sydney’s feet are not as fat as many people when they are pregnant. Sydney is working almost every day after pregnancy. It is difficult to rest for a day at home.It is estimated that she wants to give birth, so she exercises a lot.

Sydney’s quilt for the baby, with a small cherry printed on it.Sydney also prepared Snoopy’s soothing doll for the baby.

Sydney’s socks for children are also mainly cold -colored, without the pink of a girl.These small details are not careful, exposing the baby’s gender.

Some netizens left a message on Sydney’s Weibo to ask if her nose became bigger because of pregnancy, it was definitely a boy.Sydney responded generously, double haha.It seems that the belly must be the little prince. Do you think the child’s gender is accurate with his nose?

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