Unexpectedly: At this time, the highest pregnancy rate in the same room is the highest, and the answer is absolutely unexpected!


Spring is here. The best pregnancy season is starting. The most important job for pregnancy is to find a good ovulation period. Now the technology is developed, and even the ovulation period has predicted apps.

Knowing the ovulation period, do you know when the same pregnancy rate is the highest?Is the same time in the same room good or night? Is the number of rooms related to the number of pregnancy?

Let’s learn with my sister today!

01 is not the highest pregnancy rate on ovulation day!

Is this out of your expectations? Generally, it is relatively easy to conceive during ovulation.

After the eggs are discharged, it can survive in the fallopian tube for 0-1 days.After the sperm reaches the female reproductive tract, the ability to fertilize is 2-3 days.

Therefore, the probability of conception on the first three days of ovulation and the next two days is very high.

But the chance of conception is also divided. Let’s take a look at this large -scale research.

Some scholars analyze the data of 220,000 menstrual cycles of 9,8903 women (after the infertility) of 9,8903 normal age-age periods, comparing the probability of pregnancy in 7 days before ovulation (10 days in total).

It was found that the opportunity to get pregnant in the same room one day before ovulation was the largest, and then gradually decreased. Instead, the chance of pregnancy in the same room was not high!

In addition, there is also a pillar diagram of the same room during ovulation during ovulation. You can more intuitive and compare the difference between the surrogacy rate.

There is no doubt that the probability of conception 1-2 days before ovulation is the highest!In fact, 80%of conception is indeed the result of the same room 24 hours before ovulation!

Moreover, more importantly, research believes that the pregnancy rate is directly related to the number of rooms in the same room.

02 Why is the rehabilitation rate in the same room two days before ovulation?

When I prepare for pregnancy, I always thought that the ovulation day must have the highest surrogacy rate. In fact, this is wrong, which is related to the different life of sperm eggs.

Sperm life is 48-72 hours, but the eggs are only 12-24 hours. Therefore, if you want to get pregnant successfully, you must let the sperm wait early to wait for the eggs instead of the eggs and wait for the sperm.

Remember this principle, generally do not miss the best time to the same room.

03 What are the highest efficiency of the same house?

Yes, it is now an era of efficiency. Although ovulation is difficult to accurate, some studies have found that the quality of men and women’s ejaculation has changed in the day.

What time is the best room in the same room?

It is not in the morning, because everyone may have time in the morning, and the effect of having a bad effect is not good. It is not at night. It is more tired to work for a day.

Generally speaking, 5-7 in the afternoon is the best time in the same room.

Because in this period of time, the number and quality of men’s sperm can reach the strongest peak period of the day, which prepares prerequisites for pregnancy.

In this period of time, the hormone in the body is also very active, which is more likely to promote ovulation and prepare the basic conditions for pregnancy.

At this time, if the two have intimate activities, the chance of conception will be greatly improved, and it is also easier to give birth to a smart and healthy baby.

It is specially recommended that after the same room one or two days before ovulation, and once in the same room between 5 and 7 pm on the ovulation day, increase the chance of pregnancy.

04 Do I need to raise precision in non -ovulation period?

This is also a problem that many sisters pay attention to, and it is also the most misunderstanding. In many cases, we have used work in the ovulation period, and many husbands also have the inspirational reaction of the permeal period.

Saying good men and women have become Jiagong food and dealing with homework. In fact, this is unscientific.

Sperm stored in the testicles also has time limit. For a long time, most of the spermal soldiers will easily aging and reduce vitality. If the combat effectiveness is not strong, it will also affect fertilization.

Studies believe that sperm’s dynamic parameters and sperm DFI weaken with the age of men and the increase in ascetic time. What does it mean that the ascetic time is too long and affects the sperm production, which leads to a decrease in fertilization rate.

Only when the sperm wheels rotate can there be a steady stream of fresh sperm, so as to obtain high -quality fertilized eggs.

Therefore, it is recommended that even if it is not ovulation, couples should maintain sexual life 1 to 2 times a week. It is necessary to know that the relationship between harmonious husband and wife will greatly help the conception!

In short, the life of a harmonious couple is a necessary condition for pregnancy. One or two days before the ovulation period is more efficient. If you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, you can have the same room multiple times a day or two.

As for whether it is necessary to be accurate to the specific point, the sister of the circle may think that the number of times may be more important than the accurate time point. Of course, everyone’s physical conditions are different. If you allow your energy and time permit, then from 5 to 7 pm, it may be the best!

I wish everyone a good pregnancy as you wish!come on!

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