Unexpected pregnancy, how to persuade his girlfriend not to abandon, Fengzi is married?


“Listen · Your voice

Everyone is a man, and I think you should understand how I feel.That’s it. My girlfriend and I have not been together for a long time, about half a year.

Because the two families are too far away, I am from Cantonese, she is from Hunan, and her parents have always opposed us.Maybe I don’t want her to marry, or maybe I don’t recognize me … but I have not seen her parents, I do n’t know what they oppose, and my girlfriend did not say much.I love her, I hope to marry her for a lifetime, and I can feel that she loves me too.

So her parents’ opposition did not make us terminate our relationship. We are still together and do what couples should do.But last month, my girlfriend was pregnant unexpectedly and felt that everything had changed.After learning about pregnancy, of course, I am happy, but my girlfriend doesn’t think so.

She wants an abortion, she doesn’t want this child.No matter how I insist and how to persuade her, she wants to flow off the children. She feels that we have developed too fast, and she said that she opposed Fengzi marriage.But that’s a life, that’s my child, how can I want her to do so!IntersectionUncle, what should I do, how to persuade my girlfriend to leave the child, and then marry me?

Because from the perspective of narrative, you have not realized the key to the problem at all.

The current problems between you and your girlfriend are not how you persuade her to promise you to marry, but that you two have not reached a consensus.

Speaking of which, forgive me to scold you very much. Although this incident has happened, most of the desperate problems are on you, you should reflect on it.

First of all, you know that divorce between you still need to cross many problems, at least her parents do not agree with you.

And you know that your girlfriend does not want to marry Fengzi, so why not take contraceptive measures?

Don’t tell me, because the impulse is too late to think, as long as it is enough to love, it is enough to cherish the other party, and the uncle does not believe that there is no time to wear.

Secondly, why do you make your girlfriend pregnant and guess you have the ingredients of gambling, and even have a trace of luck.

You want your girlfriend to marry you, but there are too many obstacles to cross you.

But if the girlfriend is pregnant, then she can be logically marrying her girlfriend, and even feel that the other parents will also agree with you for their daughter’s reputation or physical consideration.

If so, then you should really scold!

This is not only difficult for you to persuade your girlfriend, but you can hardly convince you even uncle.

Finally, I hope you can understand that a good relationship is not persuaded, but because the two sides voluntarily maintain and are willing to guard against it.

Between you and your girlfriend, the understanding of your current relationship is not consistent.

You think you have a good relationship and you can get married, but that is, before sexual behavior, that is, before you discover pregnancy.

But the relationship between your girlfriend’s eyes is good. What are the conditions for marriage? Have you learned carefully?

I guess at least the blessings of my parents, and then go through a normal process such as engagement, marriage, pregnancy, and child.

It is by no means now parents’ opposition.

Now, you have not even understood the most fundamental relationship of your girlfriend.

If you forcibly convince her to marry you, then life will inevitably have a response after marriage, and they will quarrel because of a small matter.

Or your forcibly persuasion, unable to shake her determination to abortion, then your relationship will inevitably be affected in the end, let alone getting married, breaking up is very likely.

Most of their feelings died in two people who did not understand each other and did not know how to think in other places.

Therefore, the key to the whole problem is that you need to reflect on your behavior, stand on the position of your girlfriend to see the problem, and understand her feelings.

When the two parties reach a consensus, the problem will naturally solve the problem.

In the end, I also want to advise male friends not to impose "what you do" on your girlfriend. Your idea does not represent your girlfriend’s thoughts.

When one thing involves the relationship between the two people, please do not make good claims and ask the other party’s opinions, so that the results will not be embarrassing.

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