Unexpected happiness: I was infertile for 6 years, and I suddenly found that I was pregnant

One morning, a pair of young couples around 30 entered my clinic.The woman was a patient, and she told me: "Doctor, I have been nauseous and vomiting in the past two weeks, but they are all retching, there is nothing vomiting, and it feels more and more serious these days."Although I am a gastrointestinal doctor, because of the sensitivity of my career, after listening to this, the first reaction is: it is very likely that I am pregnant, and now it should be a pregnancy reaction.But I still asked the medical history patiently. It really had no other digestive tract symptoms, and the patient’s last menstrual period was more than two months ago, which made me more sure that the patient was pregnant.I asked her that the menstruation was abnormal in the past, and she said that it was often postponed, but it didn’t seem to have been postponed for so long.I suggest patients: You should take a check first, it should be pregnant.

At this time, the husband standing beside the patient immediately changed his face, and his tone said very unfriendly: "Doctors, do not test, prescribe some medicine for her, it is impossible to get pregnant. We have been married for 6 years.Any contraceptive measures can never be pregnant. "

"This can’t show that your wife can’t be pregnant for a lifetime. I still recommend a check to confirm first."

He still said angrily, "The doctors of the two of us who have seen infertility have been seen for a few years, and we can’t worry about taking medicine. From this year, we simply not to read it, and we still prescribe the medicine directly.Give her to eat. "

I followed his words: "You said that you have seen infertility for a few years.

"The doctor said that both of us had no problem, but they couldn’t be pregnant," the two said in unison.

"Since you have no problem in this regard, it is even more necessary to check for a check to confirm whether you are pregnant. If you have a surprise? It is easy for me to prescribe the medicine directly, but if I take the medicine, I find that I am pregnant.At this time, you will be more worried: Can this fetus still be required? If so, does this drug affect the fetus? If you do n’t want it, it ’s a pity that it’ s not easy.Do it? So I still recommend checking it first. "

"Husband, let me check it first. I think the doctor is reasonable." At this time, the patient made a voice, and his wife’s expression became more friendly than before.

I opened the "blood human choric membrane to promote glandular hormone ” ” ‘to check the project to the patient. After about an hour, I took the result to find me. I saw it, the hormone level was very high, I said to them," This hormoneThe level should be pregnant. Go to the obstetric clinic. "I can see that this little couple is a little excited, but the man still can’t believe it: "Doctors, is there a way to prove that it is pregnant?"He handed it to her alone.

After another hour, the patient’s husband rushed in the clinic happily, and said excitedly, "Do you do, do you really be pregnant?", I took the report and took a look: 10 weeks of pregnancy in the palace."Yes, congratulations, let’s take a look at the obstetric clinic in the past.""Okay, thank you,", like a child, he ran out of the clinic happily.

After 6 years, I always thought that I wouldn’t have giving birth. Now I suddenly discovered that I am pregnant. What is the sudden happiness?I think only the parties can truly understand themselves, and I am really happy for them!

May the people in the world want to be done!

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