Two or three months after giving birth, why is my stomach so big?丨 Xianyi Health said

01. What is abdominal rectus muscle separation

October conceive, once gave birth.

Restoring the figure as soon as possible is the beautiful wish of every Baoma.

However, often things are contrary to their wishes, and many Baoma has such confusion:

"Two or three months after giving birth, why is my stomach so big?"

"I have a lot of exercise, and I don’t eat much. Why can’t my stomach lose weight?"

After careful inspection, it was found that the Baoma of these large belly had different degrees of rectus abdominis.

Normal abdominal rectus

Postpartum abdominal rectus separation

The rectus muscles are on the sides of the middle line of the abdominal wall, starting from the upper edge of the pubic bone.During pregnancy, the baby gradually grew up in the mother’s belly, the pressure on the abdominal wall gradually increased, and the white lines were constantly stretched into weakness.Increase, thereby generating rectus abdominis.

02. Harm of rectus abdominis separation

The separation of the rectus muscle not only affects the body, but it may also be accompanied by the relaxation of the abdominal wall, causing low back pain, relaxation of the basin muscle, constipation, and affecting breathing. In severe cases, it can cause abdominal wall hernia.

Rectus abdomen muscle separation clinical score

Mild separation: 2-3 cm

Moderate separation: 3-5 cm

Severe separation:> 5 cm

03. How to cure abdominal rectus muscles

As the postpartum recovery to pre-pregnancy level, the abdominal rectus is separated (about January to February). If it has not been recovered from March-June after birth, it is necessary to treat a certain amount of treatment depending on the situation.

After the obstetrics and gynecology department of Fengcheng Hospital, the rehabilitation room of the basin floor was used in June 2022 to use an electrical stimulus binding method to treat the rectus abdominis separation. The effect was good and was respected by the mothers.

Electric stimulation improves the excitement of abdominal muscles. Through continuous passive contraction, it wakes up abdominal muscles damaged due to childbirth, and accelerates the gathering of rectus muscles towards the abdominal white line, thereby improving the abdominal rectus separation.

Methods can activate abdominal muscle groups, chest and waist, fascia, enhance the power of rectus muscles, abdominal and external oblique muscles and abdominal muscles, and help separate abdominal rectus muscle recovery.


After birth in April, Baoma’s bottom muscle was relaxed and stressed urinary incontinence.After rehabilitation training at the bottom of the pot, the abdominal rectus muscles are separated after the standard.

Before the first treatment:

85cm of the abdomen, separation of rectus abdominis: 4.0cm/3.5cm/umbilical below 1.0cm in the umbilical umbilical.

After the first treatment:

79.5cm in the abdominal circumference, 1.5cm/umbilical 2.0cm/umbilical below 0.5cm in the north.(After the treatment+electric stimulus treatment, guide its abdominal breathing+pelvic floor muscle training+exercise rehabilitation treatment effect)

04. Precautions for rectus abdominis separation recovery

The rectus muscle, the bottom of the basin and the back of the waist and the back of the waist are all of the core muscle group. The core muscle group is a whole. It can stabilize the thorax and pelvis in the exercise.Sexuality and flexibility, ensuring the normal play of the bottom function of the basin.

If you only simply restore the rectus muscles and ignore the recovery of the normal physiological function of the pelvic floor and the waist and back muscles, these muscles may be partially compensated, resulting in the occurrence of related symptoms, such as urinary incontinence, lower abdomen swelling, waist and back back.Pain and wait.

When the patient’s abdominal rectus is separated to the two fingers, at this time, the rectus muscles that are separated by the home independent training, such as standing abdomen, flat -end support, lifting legs, hip bridges and abdominal breathing.

have to be aware of is

Sitting up and sitting, turning around, rolling and other rolling and spinal flexion exercises should be taboo!


It took bamboo for four years, only three centimeters long, but from the fifth year, it grew crazy at 30 cm per day. It only took six weeks to grow to 15 meters high.

In fact, in the past four years, bamboo was not lazy, but extended the roots hundreds of square meters in the soil, and the nutrients that were absorbed when the rhizome extended enough was rich enough.

So you don’t have to worry about whether the current exercise is effective and returned, because these efforts are rooted. One day, you will thank your unremitting persistence and efforts.

Fuck impetuousness, quietly cultivation, life is not easy, and cherish ~ Come on!Moms who work hard!

/Rehabilitation of the pot, love you for a long time/

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