Two melons a day!The Sun Yan’s comment area was bombarded, Dili Reba was pregnant and had children?

With the popularity of CCTV, "Cyclonus" has harvested a large number of rushing fans across the country.There are many right and wrong, and the actors in the play have attracted the attention of the audience in the words and deeds outside the play.Of course, the film emperor Zhang translated the brunt.

On February 11th, Sun Yan, Liu Ruoqing, Zhang translated together on the hot search.Because of the rumor statement issued by Zhang Yi Studio yesterday.The two ladies’ comment areas have been completely fell.

First, Zhang Translation Studio stated that "smoking in front of Sun Yan"

The statement did not stated the details of the specific smoking, but many netizens who eat melon ran to Sun Yan’s social account to comment.Are you a queen?Why can’t you smoke in front of you?Is it illegal to smoke in front of you?

From the messages of netizens, we can see that everyone’s anger and dissatisfaction with Sun Yan has reached the extreme.

However, there are still careful netizens looking for information, and Zhang Yi and Sun Yan have participated in an interview program long ago.At that time, Zhang Yi asked Sun Yan face to face, can he smoke?Sun Yan wore a grand dress, sitting elegant, and reluctantly said.Zhang Yi felt that Sun Yan was a bit abnormal today, so she deliberately lits in front of her.

I planned to get angry with Sun Yan, and I learned that Sun Yan had just participated in the event that day, and had time to change the installation in the future. I was afraid that Zhang Yi’s time would rush to rush to have the script of Zhang Yi.

Another reason is that because Sun Yan fell into the pillow, he could only sit straight and not move old, so let Zhang Yi misunderstand that Sun Yan had a big temper.

In fact, it is an oolong. The two are very good friends in private.Therefore, in the face of the rumors of smoking in person, Zhang Yi Studio also stated in time to rumors, hoping that everyone should not propagate randomly.

Second, Liu Ruoqing’s connotation Zhang translated and changed the show, playing big names

The actress Liu Ruoqing, the actress of the female policeman "Jiang Chao" in "The Cyclonus", recently posted a text on the social platform to delete many plays.As soon as the news came out, many netizens ate melon.

Check out Liu Ruoqing’s post to see the following points

1. Liu Ruoqing had a lot of drama in "The Cyclonus", but Zhang Yi deleted his need for the act of the police on the grounds that the female police was inconvenient to leave the police.

2. Connotation Zhang Yi is unreliable, far from reality, and he does not want to meet again in the future.

3. The connotation of Xiao Wu is much more drama than her, because Xiaowu had to shoot a horse better than her. She couldn’t do it herself.

However, netizens who eat melon also reviewed Liu Ruoqing’s drama in the play, and she should be countless than other supporting roles.Moreover, there are very few opportunities for female police officers in real life.Zhang Yi changed her to these dramas also combined with real real life, and it is also very reasonable.

Because Liu Ruoqing’s remarks caused a great response on the Internet, Zhang Yi Studio also responded to clarification in time.I do n’t know if Liu Ruoqing ’s original intention is to be frying up, or he has been grievance during the shooting process.Subsequently, Liu Ruoqing also set a private social account to avoid the doubts of netizens.

Third, Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba issued a statement of pregnancy at the same time

Yesterday, it was rumored that Di Lierba was pregnant on the Internet. Even the due date was announced. It was suspected that Huang Jingyu was the child and his dad.This can directly push the two to the hot search list of major platforms.

The team of the two stars also made a rumor statement.Different from the statement of the rumors of the two, the statement of the rumor was directly exposed to the prosecutor, which surprised netizens!

There is no paparazzi "Yangyang" on the list of Huang Jingyu, although things start from "Yangyang".However, "Yangyang" played a little clever during the exposure, but just said that "Congratulations to his brother’s successful upgrade" did not show that he was pregnant.This also let him escape Huang Jingyu’s prosecution and had to admire his flexible operation.

Dili Reba killed decisively and was merciless.He directly sent the exposure "Yangyang" to the defendant, and did not give the other party the opportunity to explain.

In fact, the profession of paparazzi is very influential.However, you ca n’t pay attention to the attention of Bo’s heat. If you write a mess, you will face legal trials. You still have to seek truth from facts.

What do you think of the above three points? Leave a message in the comment area!

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