Turns to hiccups?Is it normal for fetal hiccups?

Guide: Xiaoxi is pregnant for almost seven months. Recently, I often feel that the baby is moving like in the stomach, and it feels like a heartbeat after being shocked, but it feels not a fetal movement. The doctor said it is a baby hiccup.What’s the reason?At first I didn’t know that I thought it was the baby’s fetal movement. It turned out that the baby would really snoring in the stomach. What is a fetus hiccup?Is the fetal snoring normal?

Case analysis: Actually, the baby will snoring after six months. At this time, the baby may snoring when you eat or exercise. You will feel that your stomach is moved. It is generally regular with the heartbeat.Moms will mistakenly think that this is a heartbeat. In fact, the baby is hiccuping. Don’t worry about the baby’s development. Snoring is a normal manifestation of the fetus. If you usually talk to your baby, the baby can also hear the mother’s voice and respond.Essence

What is a fetal hiccup?

The fetus hiccups, the scientific name is the fetal hiccup, the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman has a paroxysmal and regular beating.The frequency of this beating phenomenon is generally 15-30 times per minute, each time is 3-15 minutes, and 3-5 times a day appears.During the fetal hiccup, the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman appeared in the abdominal wall, and at the same time, the fetal’s lower chest and upper abdomen also touched, and the diaphragm muscle was also moved up and down, but the fetal limbs did not exercise.So strictly speaking, it is not "fetal movement".

How many weeks of fetal hiccups start?

Fetal hiccups generally start from 28 weeks of pregnancy.At this time, the lungs of the fetus have not been fully developed, and they need to continuously swallow amniotic fluid to practice the breathing of the lungs. In the process, the cause of snoring stimulates the brain, and the fetus will snoring.Similar to heartbeat.Pregnant women may feel that the baby is hiccuping in the morning, or at noon or evening. At any time, the baby may be snoring.It can be said that it can be opened at any time to exercise lung function.

Is it normal for fetal hiccups?

Many fetuses will snoring in the uterus, but it is difficult to distinguish hiccups and fetal movements from feeling in terms of feeling.The fetal hiccups are very normal as adult breathing. The fetal lungs are practicing the breathing function of the lungs by constantly swallowing amniotic fluid. This is also to prepare for normal breathing after birth.Methods, pregnant women don’t have to worry too much. Hiles for fetal fetuses are a normal physiological phenomenon, so don’t be nervous!

The place where the fetus snoring is generally near there. Of course, the shop that cannot be said to be the head is the head.Therefore, you can use the site of the fetal snoring to judge the fetal position. If the baby’s snoring part is in the lower abdomen, then the baby is likely to be the head position and represent the positive fetal position. If the snoring part is above the navel, the fetus is likely to be incorrect.The hospital does a B -ultrasound to check the fetal position.

Reminder: The fetal hiccup is normal. Don’t worry too much. As long as you gently touch the belly when the fetus hiccups, it will be fine in a few minutes.This is a normal pregnancy response. Regular examinations are enough in the future. Especially in the second trimester, there is a possibility of childbirth at any time. You must take a regular check regularly. Do not put too much pressure on yourself.

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