Toothache during pregnancy, do you know what’s going on with pregnant mothers?

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Author 丨 Zhen Ci Dr.

Older people often say "women have a baby to drop a teeth", is this true?If this is the case, it’s terrible?However, that scared you!Women do oral problems with confinement during pregnancy, but it is too exaggerated when it comes to losing their teeth, but during pregnancy and postpartum, due to the changes in hormones in the body and not paying attention to the cleaning of the teeth during this period, it will indeed cause oral problems.

1. Love to eat sweets without care

Experts said that many Baoma will have some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, and often nausea and vomiting. For this reason, many Baoma chooses to eat sweets to relieve pregnancy reactions.After bacterial infection, dental caries are easily formed.In addition, many women are influenced by the past concepts, and they dare not brush their teeth during confinement, worrying about shaking the roots and hurting the flesh.Therefore, women who have no dental disease before pregnancy will have caries and periodontal disease.Therefore, Baoma pays attention to oral cleaning. This problem can be avoided.

2. Hormone changes

Although it is not so that there is a child to lose a teeth, pregnant women are indeed more likely to have oral problems than ordinary people.According to professionals, the level of estrogen during pregnancy will increase to varying degrees, and the immune function will also deteriorate. These changes will expand and congest the gum blood vessels, and more prone to symptoms such as gum inflammation.In addition, if the calcium and vitamins intake after pregnancy are insufficient, the babies in the belly will directly absorb the nutrition of Ma Ma, which will cause the mane for the lack of vitamins and calcium.Wait for a series of dental diseases.Therefore, there are congenital factors in the problem of teeth.

3. How to avoid oral problems?

Doctors recommend that Ma Ma can do a comprehensive oral examination during pregnancy, and it will be solved before pregnancy.Careful brushing your teeth during pregnancy and regular oral health examination.Ma Ma’s oral problems will cause the normal development of the fetus in the shadow, and even cause premature birth and low weight.Once you find oral problems, do not look at your baby because you are afraid of affecting your baby’s development, because many of the drugs used in the early days are local drugs, which is safe for pregnant women. Once it is treated with whole body drugs, it will inevitably affect the development of the fetus.

In addition, you should also pay attention to supplementing the vitamins and calcium required for the body. Because the nutrition required by the babies comes from the mother, the lack of these nutrients is not only easy to develop well for the baby, but it will also cause Ma Ma people to be Ma Ma people.The body is worse, so you should balance all kinds of nutrients, which will not only help the health of expectant mothers, but also provide the baby with the best nutritional environment.

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