To deal with the new crown, how should pregnant women reduce risks?What if the Central China Recruitment will be transmitted to the baby?

At present, many places in the country have further adjusted and optimized the prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic. Those who have pregnant women are worried that pregnant women have weak resistance. Once they are infected, what should I do?

Question 1: Are pregnant mothers more likely to be infected?

It is often said that during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are weak, low -epidemic prevention, and are more vulnerable to germs.Therefore, it is easier to be infected by the new coronal virus.

In fact, there is not much scientific basis for this statement.Pregnancy does not increase the risk of women’s infection with new coronal virus.

Mother pregnant mothers, like ordinary people, are mostly manifested as asymptomatic or mild, and only a few can develop into severe illnesses.The pregnant mothers who develop into severe illnesses basically have other pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Therefore, healthy pregnant mothers really don’t have to panic.

Question 2: How harmful to pregnant women infected with new crowns to fetal baby?

Judging from the current toxicity of Omikon, most of the pregnant mothers appear after infection with the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract infection. Therefore, infection during pregnancy, in general, the risk of fetal abortion, deformity, premature birth, etc.Unless pregnant mothers have special circumstances such as severe or complications.

It should be noted that according to statistics, after pregnant mothers infected with new crowns, whether it is asymptomatic or mild, the risk of pregnant mothers suffering from the early stage of eclampsia increases.Therefore, after pregnant mothers infected with new crowns, they need to pay more attention to this.

In addition, after pregnant mothers infected with new crowns, more than 95%of babies produced were healthy and unaged in infection.

Question 3: Can pregnant mothers take medicine after the new crown is infected?

In fact, the treatment of the new crown is closer to the treatment of acute upper respiratory tract infections, and only the symptomatic treatment and care are needed.

If: After the pregnant mother is infected with the new crown, the fever symptoms occur, the low fever can be physical to cool down, and the high fever is preferred to the acetaminol.It should be noted that the interval between the two medications should not be less than 4 hours, and the medication should not exceed 4 times a day.

It is not recommended to use cough and phlegm medicine without a doctor’s order.

If pregnant mothers have cough symptoms, you can drink some honey water to moisturize the throat and make the pregnant mother comfortable.If the cough is severe, you can take some drugs that can alleviate symptoms under the guidance of a doctor, such as the right Michafin, the new bromine, and the amproxol.Among them, Youmeishang belongs to prescription drugs, which is suitable for in the middle and late pregnancy.

In addition, pregnant mothers who are allergic to these types of cough drugs must be disabled or used with caution.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers have symptoms of nasal congestion, and they can use physiological saline or sea salt water to clean the nasal cavity daily. They can do daily care. There is no need to use other drugs for treatment.

If symptoms such as fever, cough, and nasal congestion last more than 2 weeks, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Question 4: How do pregnant mothers prevent new coronal virus infections?

First, minimize going out, especially to densely personnel.

Second, keep the living space and ventilate well, open the window at least twice a day, not less than half an hour each time.At the same time, it is necessary to disinfect the family environment on a regular basis, which can not only prevent the new coronary virus, but also effectively prevent other respiratory infection diseases.

Third, avoid sharing personal products with others.

Fourth, pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently.Try to rinse with soap, hand sanitizer and flowing water, and use hand -free handwashing solution.

Fifth, a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, appropriate exercise, and schedule, and improve autoimmune capabilities.

Sixth, the pregnant mother should try to complete the new crown vaccination work before preparing for pregnancy.At present, vaccine is an effective measure to resist the infection of new coronal virus and avoid developing severe risk after infection.

Protection is greater than treatment, do a good job of protection to avoid being infected.Regular pregnancy examinations, discomfort symptoms, timely medical treatment, and care for pregnant mothers and babies to grow up healthy.

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