To be honest, when you are pregnant, don’t touch anything, give birth to the child, and come again …

Black bandage.

I will say that you have to say that I am true, and I recognize that I do n’t make this money.There are many fans of sisters asking me to say that the rain bandages, can pregnant women use it during breastfeeding?I tell you that this is an official notification that can also be used during breastfeeding.But as a woman, I want to talk to you.

· You say that you are pregnant, what skin you are anxious, just apply a lot of goat cream to replenish water, you can try not to use it.After giving birth to a child, do it slowly.I am not the kind of money I recognize money, but I am not the kind of money to see money, but it can be used by pregnant women during breastfeeding.

But I really hope, because when I was pregnant, I just wiped a touch of goat cream when I went out. When I was at home, I didn’t even wash my face.Especially lipstick.What if you wipe your lipstick and eat your belly?Is it that I never need it. Anyway, I really say anything like this. When I am pregnant, we will disappear and stop, and give birth to the baby.After being born, Yu Qing came here. Yu Qing recommended you to use it with confidence.

· Why do you like so many people like so many people?Why don’t I want to sell that kind of freckle and acne?Because I do n’t believe in the black bandage myself, it can lighten the dry lines, fine lines, and crow’s feet.For example, we often look blind by the dry Bala, which we often blow the sun, you can make it nutritious, it can make up.

· Add the ingredients of Poserin in the black bandage, what is publicly acknowledged Poserin, and it is more friendly to the dilute patterns.With its black bandage technology, my bottle is used to finish it, it is a bit like creamy texture after receiving it, and then do your normal cream flow down?Can’t this inverted control be controlled, do you see it?This is the tightness for you, what is the technique of learning to be called anti -gravity.

· Other sisters told Yu Qing that Yu Qing I think this black bandage has a little sticky oil. It is the kind of firm. You think it can make your skin tighten.Rubbing your hands, after rubbing, you can push up, or remove it directly on your face, this face has an invisible tightness.

Where does this sense of tightness come from?If it is water, the fork will be dried after wiped out. Where is the tightness?Didn’t you find that the holes on your face were small after wipe it?Persist in a while for a while, it must be much better than the skin before.

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