Three years ago, he shocked four "large -scale" "large -scale". Today, a new film is released.

Huang Xinyao, the director of Taiwan, China, made a shocking shock in 2017, which was shocked, unveiled the ugly state of Taiwan’s "high society". It also had a wide influence in the Mainland. Douban scored 8.7 points and was selected as Douban movie.TOP250, ranked in No.214.

In November last year, he returned with "Classmate Manis". In addition to the original class of "Big Buddha Plas", the actor also joined the powerful movie stars such as Shi Ming Shuai, Zheng Renshuo, Natto, Liu Guanting, etc.expect.

However, our mainland audience was influenced by the epidemic, and it was not until the recent film was launched to a glimpse of the whole picture.

However, at present, nearly 7,000 people on Douban scored 7.7 points, which is quite surprising. Maybe everyone expects too much about Huang Xinyao, and it will still feel a bit low when you see this score.

Isn’t Huang Dao’s strong this time?

But Pice was a little excited to watch the full movie. The metaphor in this movie is difficult to say …


Let’s take a brief understanding the story

The story line of the movie is quite simple, telling the story between four high school students.

Because they have a good relationship, they often gather together to drink tea and play cards after graduation, and talk about what they encounter in work and life.

These four students called each other’s nicknames: Tim Tsai (Wu Mingtian, Shi Ming Shuai, played by Shi Ming, played), the white -collar electricity (Chen Dianfeng, Zheng Renshuo played), the canned food of the household office (Lin Guantao, Na Doudou) and the closure of the paper paste shop (played by Li Hongchang, Liu Guanting).

Article 1 Story Line: Legislative Member "Tianzi"

Tim Tsai has always been with the dream of being a director. He even dreamed of filming, but he couldn’t get the investment, and he could only take a small team to pick up some commercial advertisements.

Once when the mayor of the Chinese mayor (played by Tang Zhiwei) filmed a publicity video, he was fancy by Mayor Jiang. He wanted to hold him as a candidate for legislators, so he gave up his dream of filming and concentrated on politics.

There is a reason to be seen by Tian Tsai. Gao Weiqing (played by Chen Yiwen) in the party’s original legislator Gao Weiqing (played by Chen Yiwen) became famous because of the political scandal.After that, he was his puppet.Member Gao accepted the opinion of Mayor Jiang and decided to meet the young and promising Timai.

But Tim Tsai was not a person without ambitions. During the campaign, he quickly mastered the initiative, and he was burned with the special assistant Valeli (played by Zheng Yutong).

In order to run for him, even his classmate’s electric wedding scene became the home of his self -propaganda. These practices gradually drifted his relationship with his classmates, and he gradually lost himself.

Article 2 Story line: workplace slave "electric"

Electricity is a relatively stable life among the four people. He works well in the insurance company and has a good performance, but he is upright and does not know how to meet the source, so even if he works hard, he cannot get a return.After finally buying a 7.2 million house, the 2 million down payment of only 300,000 was earned by himself, and the rest was the savings of his father.

In order to save money, the electricity bought the remaining parking spaces.This parking space is a fence on three sides, and people cannot get out of the car, so other people’s parking spaces are more than 1 million, and this parking space only sells 480,000.But the car can only stop every day, and you cannot pull the handbrake. After getting out of the car, you can manually push the car manually.

Girlfriend A Zhen (played by Hong Xiaoling) I met in a comic bookstore was unexpectedly pregnant. The electricity obeyed the advice of the pastor and decided to marry Azhen, but she was afraid that she could not be able to give her happiness.Electricity is obviously working hard every day, but the road of life seems to be more and narrow, and has been struggling on the edge of collapse.

Article 3 Story Line: "Canned Food" and Windman Woman Mannice

The most difficult to live among the four people is canned food. He often changes jobs. There are more runes in the wallet than money, and often depend on borrowing money.Later, a job of investigating a hukou was found in the household administration office. He often went to the community to help residents fill the account. Therefore, he reunited with the school’s school Hua Nazi (played by Pan Huiru).

The cans have always regarded Mana as a lover in her dream, and she is a flawless goddess in her heart.

Perhaps most men will have a goddess when they are young, but as they grow older, the goddess will gradually disappear.But people like canned officials would not, he invited the goddess to the god table to serve, and occasionally when he thought of it, he worshiped from his mind.

But when the fairy goes down, everything will be beaten back to the original shape, losing a sense of distance, and losing the beauty of fantasy.Just like today, she became a dusty woman who runs a massage shop, which made cans believe that the love beliefs of many years have collapsed instantly.

He really couldn’t accept this cruel reality. Even if the goddess’s warmth is available today, he chose to escape.

Article 4 Story line: "closed knot" of accidental death

"Closing knot" is the meaning of "occlusion, depression", and Li Hongchang, who runs the pine paper paste shop, has this nickname because he speaks stuttered.

Because of this natural defect, he has difficulty communicating with customers, but when he is with his classmates, this will not happen, because often he only says one or two words, and the classmates know what he wants to say.Grab to help him say.

Closure to the grandma depending on the grandmother, because the money earned was not much, and I didn’t dare to find a girlfriend, so I didn’t get married at the age of 40.Now that grandma is in poor health, she is sick in bed for a long time. Under the advice of the neighbors, she wants to find a woman to get married and come to give her grandmother.Through the matching of the marriage introduction, he closed the knot and met a single mother Ayue (played by Wang Caihua).

Ayue’s husband used to work at the construction site before, because he was too tired to die, and Ayue took his daughter alone. In order to take care of her daughter, she had never remarried.Ayue, who had experienced hardships, seemed to have the same heart and closed knot, and the two quickly came together.When the closed life began to look good, an accident seized his life.

The word of the end of the film said, "I would like to commemorate my classmate Lai Junjie in this film."

The close -up prototype is the director Huang Xinyao’s classmate Lai Junjie. He was hit by a trailer on the way to work on September 3, 2002. He was injured and died. He was only 28 years old when he died.The closing of the film was even more absurd. He was killed by a group of hooligans, but the other party killed him because he confessed that he was wrong.


The name and nickname of each character in the movie have special "metaphors"

In 2005, Huang Xinyao filmed a documentary called "Three Small Blossoms", which tells the story of his classmates.The people and things in this "Classmate Manin" are based on that documentary.

Huang Xinyao likes to directly translate English words into Chinese. For example, the "Plas" in "Big Buddha" is the "Plus" of English and "plus".

And "Manin" in "Classmate Manin", although the name of the goddess classmate in the film, is the "minus" of English, which means "reduction", obviously refers to his classmatesA person is reduced.

In addition, it also shows the decay of friendship between students and the ideal of ideals of youth.

The most special place in this film is that the four characters appearing are representative, and their fate has long been hidden in the name and nickname.

For example, "electricity" is an electric fan. He is like an electric fan and desperately doing things, but the most needed "electricity" for electric fans, but he can’t always get enough "electricity".

The "canned food" is also known as its name. It is naive to keep it deep in the heart like cans, but the seal can also has a shelf life, and faith will eventually be defeated by reality.

Although the closed knot would be stuttered, he saw that everyone was transparent, and the director gave him the ability to communicate the two circles of yin and yang.He will try to meet the requirements of customers as much as possible and do their "house" or "car".Because he feels that a person may not buy a house that belongs to his own in his life, so after their death, they can at least help them.

The closure also covers a paper house for yourself. There are poker cards needed by electricity, the "script" needed by Tianzi, the "school flower" that can be liked, and the "Fuji Mountain" that I saw to Ayue.

This paper house also foreshadowed the death of closed knots. He was thinking about others for a lifetime, but the people around him often ignored him.

Tama, who was corroded by power and desire, seemed to be the best of the four of the four.But he betrayed his dream and gradually alienated his classmates.He even used the closed funeral to draw his votes for his campaign, which also attracted a poison of Huang Daochong to break the dimension wall.

There is only Timai’s nickname among the four, but his name "Wu Mingtian" (no tomorrow) has shown the director’s attitude, thinking that this kind of person has no tomorrow.

Huang Dao used such a spicy irony to expose those who had forgotten and forgotten the meaning of the world, as well as praise from the thick and simple Taiwanese like closure, and the glory of the human nature on them.

Therefore, the theme of the movie is very tall, not as some netizens said. The fate of the four characters is "declining", and it seems that there is no hope.

Moreover, the movie’s tone is more humorous than "Big Buddha". For example, in addition to the protagonists, the names of those supporting roles are also very colorful.

For example: the mayor is called "Jiang Chinese" (Chinese), the Special Assistant to Member is called "Valeli" (I am happy), and the boss of the electricity is called "Mei Yiyuan" (without one yuan), so the nickname when reading is called"Pentagon" reflects Taiwan’s political ecology at once.

The director also added a lot of narration to increase this humor and irony, making the image more prominent.


Dialogue of cross -dimensional wall in the movie

In addition, the film not only has the dialogue that breaks through the dimension (the dialogue between the director and the character), but also the surprise like Kato Eagle in the dream, and the linkage with the two movies with "Big Buddha" and "Sunshine Puzhu". This seems to beOpen the film universe of Zhong Menghong’s sweet life production company.

Members of Gao Weiqing and Valeli in the film are actually characters from "Big Buddha".The "Great Buddha Mountain Buddha Park" mentioned by the dialogue when the member Gao played was in "Big Buddha Plas";, Cai He is called Ahe to do.

These particularly buried eggs have always kept the film a relaxed and funny atmosphere, and teach the audience to face this "chaotic" world with an optimistic attitude.



Of course, compared to the previous "Great Buddha Plas", the perspective of the gods examines the sense of compassion in the world, and "Classmates Manice", who focuses on the crisis of 40 -year -old men, also lost that kind of heavy sense.

The four -stage story of the four characters is not as concentrated as a concentrated place. It only tells that one story line is focused and simple.Limited to the length and length, how deep the relationship between the four students did not show well.Some people say that the soundtrack is not good, and even a mess, these are the shortcomings of the movie.

As a result, most netizens summarized such a conclusion that "Classmate Mana" is not as good as the previous "Big Buddha Plas".

There are even spicy short reviews that the two films are like their respective names. "Big Buddha Plas" has made the "Canadian" method, and "Classmate Mannice" is a "reduction" method.

In fact, Pi Ge believes that among the people who score the movie, there are also some who do not understand the movie and cannot understand the connotation; there are some ones who follow the trend. If others say good, he feels good. Others say it is not good.He doesn’t like it either.

As far as Pi Ge is concerned, when watching "Big Buddha", I didn’t feel much better; and watching "Student Mannice", because the starring actor in the film is the same age, it can resonate some of the time.It is still excellent, suitable for detailed taste.

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