Three fruits have been included in the "carcinogenic list"?Will eating too much carcinogenic?

Li Ran (a pseudonym), 28 years old, worked alone in a big city after graduating from college. In order to have a set of own houses to save money every day, he not only rented in the basement, but even fruits were reluctant to buy fresh ones every day.

She always goes to the fruit shop near the rental house at night to buy some low -cost fruits. Although these fruits look at some rotten appearance, it is normal to cut it. Therefore, she will cut the rotten partsEssence

After eating it for more than half a year, just last month, when she was at work, she suddenly had severe symptoms of abdominal pain, and she almost fainted when she was so painful.

Seeing this, colleagues quickly sent her to the hospital for examination. After a series of examinations, she was diagnosed with liver cancer, and the course of disease had developed to advanced.

This result is difficult for Li Ran to accept. He has a healthy work and rest. He does not smoke or drink, but occasionally stays up late to work overtime. Why is it found by liver cancer?After understanding the history of the past, the doctor said that it was likely to be a liver cancer caused by Li Ran for a long time to eat rotten fruits.

But Li Ran still didn’t understand that he had clearly cut off the broken fruits. How could it still affect it?

Willow knife: eat too little fruits, increase the risk of cancer

A heavy study was published in "Liuye Knife". Researchers analyzed the mortality rate and disease burden caused by the dietary structure caused by 195 countries and regions, and were followed up in 2017 since 1990.

It was found that about 20%of death cases in the world were caused by unhealthy diet.Among them, my country has been named twice. Whether it is cardiovascular disease mortality and cancer mortality, it is the first place in the world’s top 20 people.

There are three main problems in my country’s bad diet, including too much miscellaneous food, excessive salt intake, and too little fruit intake.

Why do fruits eat less, can it induce cancer?Fruits are rich in active substances such as dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Some studies have found that increased fruit intake, which is related to the reduction of risk of various cancers such as esophageal cancer and colorectal cancer.

Fruit may be much more important than you think.In the "Cycle" magazine, a study involving an average of 30 years of follow -up of 2 million adults has been published. Researchers have specific deaths caused by fruits, vegetable intake and overall mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory diseases.The care between the rate was analyzed, and the results found that:

① Two daily intake (one portion = 80g) fruits and 3 parts of vegetables have the longest life;

② About 5 daily intake of about 5 fruits and vegetables are related to the lowest risk of death, but intake> 5 copies of vegetables have nothing to do with extra benefits;

③ Compared to those who consume 2 daily intake of 2 parts, the subjects of 5 daily intake of 5 copies have decreased by 13%due to death risk, the risk of cardiovascular dysentery decreased by 12%, the risk of cancer death decreased by 10%The risk of death of respiratory diseases dropped by 35%.

"Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2022)" should be recommended for 200 ~ 350g of fruit intake daily.

However, the current intake of our country is still not enough. The "Research Report of the Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2021" pointed out that only 5.7%of the daily intake of fruit in my country> 200g of urban areas with higher intakes and high intakes. There are only 55.7g.

3 kinds of fruits have long been included in the "carcinogenic blacklist"?

It is said on the Internet that some fruits cannot be eaten, otherwise it is easy to cause body cancer. Are these claims really credible?

1. Waxing apples

In fact, the surface of Apple itself contains a layer of natural fruit wax. This layer of fruit wax has the effects of anti -bacteria and viruses, which is harmless to health.

Of course, in order to make Apple look more shiny, prevent water evaporation and preservation, fruit farmers may also put artificial wax on the surface of the apple, but these fruit waxes are also edible wax, which are allowed by the country to add health.

What we really need to be alert is that some illegal merchants use industrial waxes. There are often heavy metal elements such as lead and mercury in industrial wax. People will threaten health after consumption.

2. Bananas cooked in formaldehyde

Wang Mingyue, a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, said that banana itself is a fruit that is easy to rot. After picking, it must be preserved for long -distance transportation.

The preservatives currently used are low -toxic bactericides, which will not threaten health after consumption. There is no need to worry too much about it.

3. Canned yellow peach can be added with preservatives

Canned food generally has a long shelf life, but this is not caused by adding preservatives.

During the processing process, the cans and raw materials will be fully heated, so that some microorganisms that can easily lead to canned food can be killed.In addition, the packaging is also completely sterile. The tank is in a completely sterile environment, and it can be stored for a long time without adding preservatives.

GB2760-2014 "Standards for Food Safety National Standard Food Additives" also clearly states that any preservatives are not allowed to be added in canned fruits, otherwise it will be illegally operated.

Two kinds of carcinogenic fruits, remove the table as soon as possible

Of course, you should also pay attention to eating fruit in life. These two kinds of fruits are best not to eat.

Rotten fruit

Rotten fruits are likely to contain patelin, which has strong toxicity and carcinogenic effects. After entering the body, it is easy to induce liver cancer.

In addition to rotamycin, rotten fruits may also contain 3-nitropropathic acid, gem mold toxin, and vibromycin. These substances will also threaten health, easily cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and even threatened life.

Someone would say at this time, can I cut off the rotten parts?This behavior is not advisable. Even if the rotten part is cut off, it cannot guarantee that other parts are not polluted. It is recommended to discover that fruits should be discarded in time.

Betel nut

A survey of epidemiology shows that long -term chewing betel nut can cause esophageal cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.And betel nuts are very addictive, which may cause adverse pregnancy, anemia, and acute severe asthma.

Fruits are important for health. It is recommended to keep the amount of fruits more than 3 daily, so as to allow the body to take diverse nutritional elements as much as possible.As for the time to eat fruit, you don’t have to be too tangled, you can just come according to your habits.

Of course, eating fruits is important, but you should also pay attention to choice. Some fruits that may bring hidden dangers to health should be discarded in time to avoid threats of health.

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