Those things to pregnancy

Today is another Saturday, or the solar terms of the heat, everyone must pay attention to heatstroke prevention.Today I can share with you the things of pregnancy. After all, the little guy in my family is willing to eat everything now. In fact, this is related to a good foundation for him when I was pregnant.

At first I knew that this little guy was the Spring Festival when the epidemic just broke out, that is, in January 2020, but I went to the hospital to check the diagnosis in the third month of pregnancy.A surprise, the body was still good at that time, because walking outside every day, people’s pregnancy will be harmful to the symptoms of vomiting, and I have no response at all. At most, I usually don’t like sour food.I also ate a period of sour food, but I didn’t find it. It was only after a month of discontinue discovery that I was pregnant.

After I was diagnosed with pregnancy, my food was greatly increased. Of course, the food that could not be eaten was resolutely not eaten.From three meals a day to eating five or six meals a day, I woke up in the morning and kept eating. I ate the sweet and sour and bitter.

In order to think about the physical fitness of the child, you must eat as much as possible when you are pregnant. As long as you do not hurt the food of the fetal treasure, you must eat it once.Physical quality after child birth.If you do n’t eat it when you are pregnant, the physical fitness of the child will definitely be very weak, especially after feeding the supplementary food, obvious two different physical fitness.

My son started eating rice paste in two months, but the kind of rice paste processed with his own rice

Now my son is the same as when I am pregnant. Everything is eaten. It must not be said that the dinner is the most favorite. The sour and bitter fruits are particularly loved, followed by milk, from milk powder to yogurt to milkNo one can escape his eyes. As long as you see it, you must drink a bottle of yogurt or milk. Finally, everything you buy at home loves it.

In fact, my son had dropped in the water once. Many children would have a fever and a cold as long as they dropped the water. My son was fine, and he cured the original cold.Here it is the most important thing for pregnancy.

In order to take the physical fitness of the child, and for the child to win on the starting line, you must eat it constantly when you are pregnant.

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