This kind of stomach pain may be terrible, women must know, and do a good job of prevention (not dysmenorrhea)

Women have abdominal pain, especially in strenuous exercise, constipation, or abdominal pain caused by the same room. The pain is a bit similar to dysmenorrhea, but it is not dysmenorrhea, but a kind of abdominal pain caused by the "rupture" of luteum.

Lutein is a physiological structure formed by female follicles after ovulation.

It exists in the ovaries, with round shapes, like egg yolk, and women with normal ovulation.

The role of luteal is to help the body secrete progestin and prepare for pregnancy in advance.

If the body can maintain the thickening trend of the endometrium and keep it in a certain stable state to prepare the soil for the fertilized eggs.

If the fertilized eggs are successful, then our luteum will become pregnancy luteal and start escorting fertilized eggs.

For example, to promote embryo development and placenta survival to ensure stability in the palace.

But the luteum is fragile, and it is easily damaged by external force or internal causes, resulting in rupture and bleeding.

There was a hot search on Weibo, and the woman was in bed with urine and luteum rupture.

Normal people’s bladder capacity is up to 400 ml. Generally, the urine volume is 200 ~ 300 ml, and people will have a sense of urine. If the urine is urinated for a long time, or the urine volume exceeds 400 ml, the bladder will be compressed.

The bladder is a smooth muscle. Long -term urination can relax the muscles, and after reaching a certain degree, the ovaries will be squeezed to thin the bladder wall.If urination is suddenly urinated at this time, the fragile luteal in the ovary will bleed or rupture due to huge pressure.

In addition to long -term urination can cause luteal bleeding or rupture, these situations may also cause luteal rupture, such as::

▶ During massage, he was greatly pressed by the beauty technician.

▶ Strong exercise.

▶ The same room is too hard.

▶ Highly cough, increased abdominal pressure caused by defecation.

▶ From the external impact of a car accident.

There is another situation: you may have done nothing, but because the luteal is too fragile, it breaks its own.

Because the luteal is rich in capillaries, it can cause internal bleeding after the luteal rupture, which can stimulate the peritoneum and cause abdominal pain.Therefore, girls can feel the pain in one or bilateral lower abdomen on the abdomen, and have a tear feeling. At the same time, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as vaginal hemorrhage and anal swelling.

The degree of pain is different, indicating that the degree of luteal rupture is different, and the points that need to be paid attention to are different:

Mild pain: There is only a small breakthrough in the luteal, which is a faint pain in the unilateral abdomen. Then you can slowly stop the blood flow through the coagulation function of self -rescue of the body, rest in bed, and take hemostatic drugs to restore health.

Moderate pain: Because the luteal is impacted too much, it causes the small arterial bleeding of the ovaries, and the coagulation function can not be repaired, and the blood will flow into the abdominal cavity, which may cause short -term syncope.drug.

Severe pain: Due to severe bleeding caused by tearing pain, without timely treatment, it will endanger life because of the blood loss shock. At this time

About a week after the ovulation period, if it is severe abdominal pain caused by severe exercise, we must be vigilant, whether to break the luteum, and then distinguish it according to the above three extent, and then hurry to the hospital for medical treatment.Take, may be life -threatening.

Therefore, as an important patron saint of healthy reproduction, luteal must pay attention to physical health before maturity of the luteal, and take good care of the body to prevent the luteal from cracking.

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