These wrong behaviors, pregnant women love to play mahjong, after seeing the child, they shed regretful tears!

Pregnant women can occasionally fight mahjong, pay attention to avoid excessive emotional excitement.

Because when pregnant women play mahjong, they are often in a bad mood of great joy and sorrow, suffering, losses, and impermanence. In addition, the language is rough, the argument is intense, the nerves are highly tight, and the hormone secretion in the mother’s body is abnormal.The damage caused by these malignant stimuli to the development of the fetal brain will far exceed the damage to the mother’s itself.

The scene of playing mahjong is mostly filled with smoke and liquor.Even if the pregnant woman does not smoke, the passive inhalation volume is enough to cause serious harm to the mother and fetus.In addition, dry hot smoke stimulates the respiratory tract, which will increase the risk of pregnant women’s respiratory diseases and complications during pregnancy.The fetus also develops due to insufficient oxygen supply.

The abdomen of pregnant women should avoid a posture fixed to sitting, lying, standing, and walking for a long time.When playing mahjong, it is in the seat for a long time, the gastrointestinal peristalsis weakens, and the increase of gastric acid back flow will stimulate the mucous membrane, causing constipation, anorexia, vomiting, throat and upper abdomen burning sensation.At the same time, the compression of the abdomen will be blocked by the pelvic venous blood flow back, and the venous plexus around the anus will be recharged, causing hemorrhoids, venous veins, and severe edema of the lower limbs, and even calf cramps.Mahjong is also contaminated with a variety of pathogenic microorganisms.Once pregnant women suffer from infectious diseases, they may affect the fetus.If you are sick and medicated at 3 months of pregnancy, the possibility of fetal disease will be greatly increased.

1. Don’t bet big.Although many people say that playing mahjong will be very good after pregnancy, there are rumors such as "playing mahjong often winning a daughter during pregnancy."Some people claim that their own skills are high, but playing mahjong still needs to rely on luck.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not hold the mentality of "small gambling, love and big gambling", losing a big loss, big ups and downs, which may affect the mood and cause a bad impact on the baby.

2. Select the right "Ma You".Don’t just play mahjong with others casually. If you have to play with people with brand, you will feel much easier.For example, some people can’t afford to lose, irritable, or like to play or cheat, then you play with them just to add to themselves.Such people always make people feel very annoying. Pregnant moms play mahjong for leisure, and if they make their stomach boring, it is not cost -effective.

3. Choose the environment.To avoid too noisy environments, such as a small room, there are three or four tables, or smoke everywhere, liquor, and the sky, then don’t go.Choose an elegant and open environment, rubbing two laps leisurely, this is a kind of enjoyment.

4. Don’t be addicted.Pregnant moms should not be too addicted to mahjong. Do n’t rub it if you do n’t rub it for a while. If you do n’t divide the day and night, you will affect your relationship with your family and have no time to communicate with your husband. On the other hand, you can sit for a long time.It’s really bad.Even if he is playing mahjong, you have to eat at a meal, and you have to sleep naturally when you sleep.It is time to eat, you should eat and sleep, you can play in the free time within the regular life.

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