These cold knowledge during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must know

From pregnancy to childbirth, it is a big project for every pregnant mother. From the moment I know that I am pregnant, I must learn a lot of knowledge about pregnancy. Many knowledge is well known, such asThere will be pregnancy reactions such as pregnancy, frequent urination, and edema, but in fact, there are many cold knowledge during pregnancy.

1. The baby can taste the food that the mother eats

When the pregnant mother is eating, the baby can also feel the taste of food and slowly familiarize themselves with these tastes.Therefore, most babies’ tastes are very similar to the mother.In the future, avoid the baby to picky eaters in the future, and pregnant mothers must not be able to picky eaters.

2. Pregnant women have more dreams, and childbirth is easier

According to statistics, 70 % of pregnant women will dream, and some pregnant women can even have multiple dreams at night.This is because of the influence of estrogen in the body of the pregnant mother.Esalone in estrogen can induce pregnant women to enter deep sleep. The longer you sleep, the more dreams.Studies have shown that the childbirth cycle of pregnant women who often dream during pregnancy is shorter than those who do not dream, and the childbirth process will be easier.

3. Fetal baby’s toys are umbilical cord

The baby has started to play in the mother’s belly, but in the uterus, except amniotic fluid is the umbilical cord.The umbilical cord is a very favorite toy, but the baby does not know that playing umbilical cord is very dangerous. It is easy to be detoured by the umbilical cord during play, which causes suffocation.

4. The fingerprint of the baby has grown in the fetal period

For each of us, our fingerprints have grown in the first three months of pregnancy.It can be said that this kind of fingerprint that accompanies our life has been generated before we were born.

5. Fetal baby has a small emotion

Not only can little babies eat and sleep freely, but sometimes they will interact with themselves when they are happy. However, pregnant mothers may not know that the baby baby also has his own emotions. When you feel uncomfortable, he will cry whispering, but the pregnant motherThis emotion is usually not found.The crying baby’s cry is caused by the mood of the mother.When pregnant mothers quarrel, angry, and sad, the heart inductance between parents and children will make the fetus also sad.Therefore, pregnant mothers need a happy mood to provide a better environment for the baby to allow the baby to grow up healthy and happy in the "small house".

6. Pregnancy will increase immunity

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers have a complete pregnancy process, which will increase their immunity.Many data show that pregnancy can increase women’s immunity for 10 years.It is particularly amazing that this immunity is mainly aimed at gynecological tumors, thereby protecting pregnant mothers from gynecological tumor violations.

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