There is no less in check -up!Seven times need to be checked!

Many elderly women feel that there is no problem when they have the first child. When they are pregnant with the second child, they are not as cautious as the first child. Various pregnancy examinations are performed on time.This approach is actually wrong!The first child is okay, and it does not mean that the second child will be completely fine. Therefore, it is necessary to do a comprehensive pregnancy test on time according to the doctor’s order.

The entire pregnancy is divided into three periods: early pregnancy, middle pregnancy, and late pregnancy, and the three -term period of production inspections have their own focus and indispensable.Early and middle pregnancy examinations can timely detect abnormal growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen, while late pregnancy examination focuses on the safety of maternal and fetus.

Hu Shujun, the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, provided the following pregnancy examinations online editors for family doctors.

1. The maternal menopause is about 6-7 weeks, and the first B-ultrasound needs to be based on the first B-ultrasound.

2. The maternal menopause is about 12 weeks, and the thickness of the transparent belt of the fetus is measured by ultrasound examination. Early diagnosis of fetal chromosomal diseases and early discovery of fetal abnormalities, such as: brain deformed, abdominal cracks, and so on.

3. For the maternal menstruation for about 12 weeks, a serum scoring screening can screen some abnormalities of the fetus, such as chromosomal abnormalities.

4. The maternal menopause is 18-24 weeks, and the ultrasound checks whether the fetus has structural malformations. This is a very important examination. Maternal must attach great importance to it.

5. Maternal menstruation should be screened for gestational diabetes for 24-28 weeks.

6. After 28 weeks of menopause, the maternal goals need to comprehensively monitor the whole body condition of the mother.If there are symptoms such as hypertension and diabetes, it is necessary to actively manage and treat at this time.

7. For the maternal menstruation for 30-32 weeks, an ultrasonic examination must also be performed to evaluate the growth and development of the fetus and whether there is stumatic water or ascites.If you find that the fetus is insufficient, then the maternal should add more nutrients; if the fetus is too heavy, the mother should be controlled in the diet, so as to avoid the cesarean section due to the huge fetus in the future, or if the fetus is too large during the production process, it is difficult to give birth due to too large the fetus is too large.Essence

Director Hu Shujun introduced that after the two -child policy, many pregnant women this year are elderly women, so there will be more problems in the production examination, such as hypertension, diabetes, abnormal thyroid function, and fetal growth and development.If there is a comprehensive inspection of the doctor’s advice, then the problem can be discovered early when the problem appears.If the situation is really critical, the maternal is endangered, and the pregnancy will be terminated early in time to avoid causing greater harm.

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