There are still these benefits to women’s bodies.

In the eyes of many people, there is a series of hardships such as fattering, breast drooping, and long stretch marks. Not only is it hard, but they are also facing various risks of childbirth.Young girls are scared when they hear children.In fact, having children is not all disadvantages. It has the following benefits for women’s bodies:


Many Baoma always feels that she has become taller after giving birth. After we measure it, I found that it really grows 2 to 3 cm. Is the birth of a child really attached the benefits of growing taller?

There are two possibilities for postpartum Baoma. One is the change of the body. There may be bad habits such as humpback before pregnancy, which visually causes height. In the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach increases day by day, the expectant mothers have to tilt back backwards backwards., Improved the previous situation of the humpback, so it looks higher;

Another is that Baoma is younger, the bone line is not completely closed, and the nutritional intake during pregnancy is rich, which stimulates the growth of the bone, and it has a growth tall.

However, it is not every treasure mother. If you are in, it is very lucky!

2. Treatment of dysmenorrhea

The old man often says: Do n’t be afraid of dysmenorrhea, just give birth to a child.Can having children really be so amazing and can still treat dysmenorrhea?This statement has a certain scientific reason.

Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.Primary dysmenorrhea does not have organic lesions. Most of them are due to women’s endocrine problems, which causes the uterine muscles to shrink and cause pain.Coupled with women’s emotional instability during menstruation, endocrine is affected, and dysmenorrhea is more likely to occur.

After pregnancy, hormones and uterus in women have changed. The discharge of menstrual blood and endometrium is no longer difficult, and dysmenorrhea naturally relieves or disappears.

There is also a kind of lesions that are secondary dysmenorrhea and organic lesions. For example, various gynecological diseases, no children have a small impact on these diseases, so post -natal relay dysmenorrhea still exists.

Although there are two benefits, it cannot be denied that having children will harm more of most women in physical body, such as hemorrhoids, rectus abdominis, leakage, and so on.But seeing the cuteness of the baby in the arms, these triblings were suddenly worthless. What do you say?

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