There are only 280 days during pregnancy.The answer is like this

Most pregnant mothers will remain at about 40 weeks during pregnancy.

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Speaking of the topic of pregnancy, everyone will subconsciously think of the word "pregnant October", but in fact, there are only 280 days during pregnancy, which is about 40 weeks.

In fact, the "October" mentioned here is not the "October" we understand in the general sense, and its calculation cycle is not 30 days.

Yuan Yuan was pregnant earlier this year, and she experienced a lovely daughter after a long pregnancy, but she did not understand her.

The baby didn’t live in his belly for ten months. Why was he born?Will this cause harm to the child’s body?

After listening to Yuan Yuan’s words, her mother -in -law said that she was stupid: "The little granddaughter was born smoothly at 40 weeks of pregnancy. Where did she be born early? Did you remember the wrong days?"

Later, the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law talked to know that Yuan Yuan was a Ma Daha personality. Although the doctor always heard how many weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy, and late pregnancy, they never went to the heart.When the date of delivery, I thought that the child would be born ten months later.

I don’t understand that the pregnancy week really can’t blame novice parents, because this is a cognitive error that most people will exist.So only 40 weeks during pregnancy, why do the old man always say "October pregnant"?The answer is like this.

This is because everyone generally understands the "October" refers to 30 days or 31 days a month, while the "October" that the elderly and doctors say in the mouth of the doctor takes 28 days as a cycle.

This is why many pregnant mothers have given birth to the baby when they are more than in September.

★ The calculation method of the specific pregnancy week ① The initial time of pregnancy: The first day of the pregnant mother for the first time is calculated.② Want to know which weeks you are in: the number of days from the initial time to this day, you can know it in a normal cycle.

③ How to judge your own due date: The normal delivery will be about 40 weeks, and the pregnancy of the caesarean section will be about 38 or 39 weeks. The pregnant mother only needs to count the initial pregnancy for 280 days.

In addition, it is necessary to mention that the due date can only be used as a basic judgment standard, and it is not necessarily accurate. It will move forward or backward according to the specific situation of the baby.

★ Fetal movement can also become the basis for judgment

Generally speaking, fetal movements will occur between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. Expectant mothers can also use this as a basis for judgment, but be sure to distinguish what is fetal movement and what is gastrointestinal motility!

Near the due date, these things must be prepared in advance


The baby to go to the hospital is not able to leave by novice parents. In order to welcome this new life, parents need to prepare a lot of things in advance.

Involved in the baby: milk powder, bottle, diapers, wet paper towels, 襁, clothes, babies and towels dedicated to the baby. In addition, the clothes are best to choose a monk or butterfly suit. The material should be soft and soft.Involved in pregnant mothers: personal washing supplies, split pajamas, mammal underwear, breast pumps, slippers, purse pads, and so on.

2) Various documents

During the hospitalization, pregnant mothers need to provide doctors with various documents, such as ID cards, social security cards, bank cards, household registration books, pregnancy checklists, etc. These things will change according to the regional different. Perspective parents can inquire in advanceEssence

In addition, when applying for birth certificate, parents also need to provide the above documents to prove the baby’s identity!

3) Cash

Although mobile payment is very convenient now, it is also necessary to bring some cash with a bank card. After all, there are still some places that require cash payment.

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