There are many leucorrhea, itching of vulva, what should I do if vaginitis repeatedly seizures?Experts come to move


The most common problem that plagues women is reproductive tract infection.

I believe that many female friends will have such troubles: vaginitis is not easy to cure repeated recurrence.

What should I do in the face of such a difficult vaginitis?

Let’s follow the experts of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Changde City to learn more about vaginitis and how to prevent vaginitis!

Vaginitis is just a collective name. As a common gynecological disease in women, there are many types. Common vaginitis includes trichomoniasis vaginitis, mold vaginitis, and bacterial vaginitis.

Trichomonas vaginitis: This vaginitis is caused by the pathogenic — vaginal trichomonas, transmitting or indirect transmission through sexual intercourse (bathing, swimming or contact with contaminated clothing, dressing and equipment).

The main symptoms are the vulvar itching, the leucorrhea is increased, and the leucorrhea is thin, yellow -green, and foam. In severe cases, the leucorrhea can be mixed with blood or burning sensation and sexual intercourse pain.Accompanying frequent urination, pain, or hematuria when urethral infections.

Moomal vaginitis: This vaginitis is caused by the pathogenic — white Candida infection. Mostly occur in women, diabetic patients and pregnant women who have long -term hormones or antibiotics.Clothing infection and so on.The main symptoms are that the leucorrhea will be white and thick, with condensed milk or bean dregs and itching.

Bacterial vaginitis: This vaginitis is caused by the pathogenic — Gatn parasol. It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. In people with sexual relationships, bacterial vaginitis has a high popularity.

Most of the main symptoms increase in leucorrhea, including fishy or ammonia odor, humid and uncomfortable vulva, often accompanied by vaginal burning sensation, sexual intercourse pain and itching of vulva.

1. Why does vaginitis appear repeatedly?

1. The vagina is adjacent to the urethral and anus, which is humid and easy to suffer from pollution;

2. Women’s sexual life during fertility is more frequent, and vaginal vagina is the only way for childbirth and uterine cavity operations.

3. After menopause, women’s estrogen levels are low, local resistance decreases, and infection is also prone to occur.

2. Can the clinic use antibiotics to treat vaginitis?

We often encountered some patients in the clinic that it was not good to hit antibiotics in the clinic for five or six days.

Here you can clearly tell everyone that these money is spent, different vaginitis medication is different. Moobacter vaginitis uses antibiotic antibiotics, which will increase the progress of vaginitis, leading to inflammation spread., Pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. The correct method is to treat symptomatic treatment.

Third, often wash the vagina, why do you still have vaginitis?

There are many bacteria in our vagina. Lactobacillus and other bacteria maintain the vaginal balance together. Frequent rinse vagina can cause the vagina to balance the environmental disorders, and it is more likely to cause vaginitis.

The correct method is to clean the vulva, pay attention to only water, only the vulva.Wash the underwear every day, dry the sun.

4. Why did you clean it before and after the same room, or have vaginitis?

The partner’s foreskin is too long or the lack of cleaning leads to hidden dirt, which will also destroy the vagina micro -ring.

Therefore, if the vaginal environment is protected, both the couple should prevent them together.

5. Repeated vulvar itching, always can’t cure it, what should I do?

The occurrence of vulvar itching occurs. It should not just go to the pharmacy to buy vulva washing agents. The vulva washing agent only solved the itching problem on the surface. It was not found that itching sources were found. Instead, some bacteria produced drug resistance.

The correct approach is to develop good habits. If you find itching of the vulva, you must go to a regular hospital for examination, apply the right medicine, and treat the symptoms.

Warm reminder

1. Wear less tight jeans and chemical fiber pants, because these pants are not easy to breathe, especially in summer, wearing tight jeans and chemical fiber pants can cause the vaginal vagina to be too humid and easy to grow bacteria.

2. Patients with diabetes should be controlled, because the vaginal environment of diabetic patients is conducive to mold growth and often prone to mold vaginitis.

1. Give up abuse of antibiotics

Antibiotics may inhibit some beneficial bacterial groups, and fungal mold will take a large number of reproduction.

Therefore, the use of antibiotics should be cautious.

2. Wash the underwear alone

Mold can reproduce in large quantities in the surface of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal tract, nails.

If your family or herself has athletes, onychomycosis, etc., it is easy to cause mildew cross infection.

Therefore, the underwear must be washed alone.

3. Avoid overly cleaning

Frequent use of acidic gynecological cleaner disinfection agents, disinfection pads, etc., it is easy to create a humid and acidic environment that breeds mold.

Gynecological cleaning products with weak alkali formulas are more suitable for daily cleaning.

4. Pay attention to the care during pregnancy

Sex hormone levels, vaginal glycogen and acidity in pregnancy will increase, and it is easily attacked by mold.

For pregnant women, oral drugs should not be used, but should choose to prevent local prevention and auxiliary treatment plans.

5. Be wary of the washing machine

Almost every laundry barrel is hidden in mold.

Washing the laundry barrel with hot water about 60 degrees Celsius is very necessary.

6. Pay attention to the hygiene of public places

A large amount of mold may be hidden in public.

Go out, do not use the hotel’s bathtub, wear long pajamas, use toilet paper in front of the toilet, and so on.

At the same time, suitable personal cleaning care products are selected.

7. Correct contraception

Estrogen in contraceptives has the effect of promoting mold invasion.

If fungal vaginitis repeatedly occurs, try not to use drug contraception as much as possible.

8. Partner Tongzhi

If you are infected with mold vaginitis and your husband is also treated at the same time, you can have the expected effect.

9. Wear all cotton underwear

Tight -fitting fiber underwear will increase the temperature and humidity of the vagina, and cotton underwear should be used.

10. Control blood sugar, clean the vulva of alkaline products

The vaginal glycogen content and acidity of female diabetic patients are highly invaded by mold.

Therefore, while controlling blood sugar, you should also pay attention to cleaning the vulva and choose a weak alkaline product.

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Cui Juan, the second ward of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Changde City

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