There are many benefits to soaking feet during pregnancy, but I don’t pay attention to these 5 points, and it is easy to hurt the fetus

The two great benefits of pregnant mothers soak their feet

1. Sleeping for sleep

Washing your feet during pregnancy can not only relieve stress during pregnancy, relieve the fatigue of the day, but also improve the quality of sleep at night, and stabilize the emotions of pregnant mothers.

2. Health

As the saying goes, "cold starts from the feet."Because the limbs are far away from the heart, the blood supply is not as good as other parts, so it is prone to cold hands and feet.Soaking your feet can promote blood circulation and help the body keep warm.In addition, often soaking feet during pregnancy can also improve the immunity of pregnant mothers and help relieve edema during pregnancy.

However, when pregnant mothers are soaking in their feet, they must pay attention to these 5 things.

1. The water temperature should be controlled at about 35 degrees Celsius

When most people are soaking their feet, they like the water temperature higher and more comfortable to soak, but the pregnant mother does not work.The water temperature is too high or too low, and it is easy to cause the pregnant mother to panic.

2. The time for soaking your feet cannot exceed 30 minutes

Pregnant mothers should also be stricter, preferably within 20 minutes, the longest cannot exceed 30 minutes.If the soaking time is too long, the blood circulation will be too fast, causing the burden on the heart and the brain.In this case, it is very easy to have symptoms such as panic, dizziness, and collapse.

3. Do not press the acupoint when soaking your feet

There are many acupoints on the feet, and some parts can easily lead to abortion after being stimulated.Therefore, you cannot easily press the acupuncture points on your feet, especially you cannot go to massage shops.

4. You should not soak your feet immediately after meals

If you soak your feet within half an hour after meals, it will affect the blood supply of the stomach.Occasionally, there may not be anything, but in the long run, it will lead to insufficient nutritional absorption of pregnant mothers, which will affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is not recommended to soak your feet immediately after meals.

5. Don’t add medicine casually when soaking your feet

Many people like to add some important in when soaking their feet, saying that it is a great health supplement.Although this is true, there are some important important things to the body of the pregnant mother, or the baby’s baby hurts.There are also some more particular about the amount, so it is not recommended to add some medicines to pregnant mothers.

Although it is many benefits to soaking feet in winter, you ca n’t soak your feet at will. Do n’t be too “enjoyed”.

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