There are many benefits for pregnant women to eat fish, but the taboos before eating fish cannot be ignored.

Recently, a pregnant mother left a message saying "I like to eat fish very much, but I don’t know what to pay attention to when pregnant mothers eat fish?

Today, Teacher Jing Hao will share what should pregnant women pay attention to when eating fish:

1. Don’t eat spoiled fish

When you buy fish, please buy live fish to kill. Some frozen fish should be selected or not selected as possible, because frozen fish is not easy to distinguish the quality of the fish through odor and texture.In addition, if you choose to buy frozen fish, please choose to choose a regular manufacturer and see the shelf life

2. Buy living fish on the roadside

When we pass through the river or fish farming pond, there will be vendors who block people buying fish on the side of the road. Some vendors even promise words such as "pure wild" and "no pollution".Let you be interested in fish and be able to buy.When this situation is encountered, it is usually recommended that you do not buy blindly, and pay attention to whether there are factories such as factories around, because many factories like to build factories along the river, in order to facilitate discharge of wastewater. Such wastewater usually contains a large amount of toxic poisonous toxicity.The harmful heavy metal, even if the wastewater in the factory meets the emission standard, it cannot be consumed directly. Therefore, the heavy metal content raised in such a river channel is relatively high, especially if pregnant women use high metal foods with high metal foods, and the fetus will treat the fetus for the fetus.Influence

3. Pay attention

After avoiding the fish farming ponds around the factory and other companies, another thing to pay attention to is the fish ponds around the rice fields or rice fields, mainly because of the impact of pesticide residues on fish ponds.Usually spray or apply drugs to prevent diseases and insect pests, so that there are drug residues in the water of the rice fields. The rice fields will spread to the fish pond or penetrate through the ground through the rainwater.

4. Do not use marinated fish

Studies have shown that the content of nitrite in pickled foods is higher than ordinary food, and nitrite is a type of carcinogen. Too much nitrite will increase the risk of cancer. At the same time, intake during pregnancy will increaseThe baby’s risk of cancer.

5. It is best not to eat two kinds of fish when pregnant women are pregnant

A fish containing methyl -based mercury (CH3HG), such substances can cause the fetal brain to develop slowly.Such as swordfish, horses, tuna, king horse mackerel.The other is a fish containing polyllrom benzene. This type of fish is generally captured by the nearby river. Salmon, striped bass, catfish, etc. contaminated by the environment

The above is the precautions for eating fish during pregnancy. The benefits of eating fish during pregnancy are self -evident. Ancient doctors and modern nutrition scholars are very agreed with pregnant women to eat more fish.

So today I will introduce a delicious porridge to the expectant mothers [fresh skid fish porridge]

[Material preparation, 1 person]

100 grams of white rice, 100 grams of grass carp meat; 200 grams of pork bone; 40 grams of bean skin, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of green onion, 10 grams of salt, 5 ml of rice wine, 5 ml of sesame oil, 5 ml of sesame oil

【Operation Method】

1. Wash the pork bone and break; after the white rice is washed, soak it with water; the dried bean skin has warm water and soft

2. Wash the grass carp into a sliced piece, pour in rice wine for about 5 minutes, and remove the fishy smell

3. Take out the casserole and pour all the ingredients into the pot.The water in the pot is not over the ingredients, and the stove, boil for about 30 minutes, boil all the ingredients and cook

4. Before the pot, remove the pork bone, add salt and sesame oil, and you can add coriander to pick up the coriander freshly.

Such a delicious and delicious fresh fish fillet porridge is ready. Please like it if you like it!

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