There are differences in the body before and after pregnancy. Six changes must be kept in mind and found that the fetus is safe as soon as possible

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Many women are particularly serious during pregnancy, but when they are really pregnant, they are dumbfounded. How can they find it for more than two months?

Xiaotong and her husband have been preparing for pregnancy since the beginning of the year. It has been 5 months now. However, Xiaotong’s belly has not moved, and Xiaotong felt dizzy a few days ago.

At that time, Xiaotong felt that the weather could change, and he had a cold, so he took a cold medicine, but after eating it twice and found that he didn’t have a good improvement. Then he realized that he was preparing for pregnancy. Is this pregnant?

Xiaotong, who knew it, hurried to buy a pregnancy test stick in the pharmacy, and found that he was really pregnant, but what should I do if I took a cold medicine during pregnancy?So Xiaotong hurriedly went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor said that there was no big problem.

Many expectant mothers will encounter such a situation in the early pregnancy. In fact, they are already pregnant, but they are always insight and never think of it.

In fact, women’s physical changes are still obvious before and after pregnancy. If we find it in time when preparing for pregnancy, we can adjust and give birth work as soon as possible.

So what kind of subtle changes are before and after pregnancy, do you know if you prepare for pregnancy?

1. Symptoms similar to a cold

Dizziness, headache, and body weakness. In addition to the symptoms of a cold, expectant mothers in early pregnancy will also have these symptoms.

Therefore, this happens when preparing for pregnancy. We must be cautious. Do not use usual methods to judge illness to judge whether we are sick.Especially in spring and autumn, the weather changes relatively, and it is more cautious when it is easy to catch a cold!

2. The body temperature changes

After pregnancy, our body temperature will change, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, our body temperature will be about 0.5 degrees higher than daily. This temperature will continue until the middle of pregnancy.normal level.

This change is very small, and many expectant mothers can’t detect it, so it is easy to ignore it.

3. Menstruation stopped

This is one of the most intuitive changes. Most of the women in the pregnancy will use this method to determine whether you are pregnant. If your menstruation is more accurate, general menstruation may be pregnant for two weeks.

Of course, if your menstruation is late, there may be other factors, such as relatively large pressure, endocrine disorders, and so on.

In addition, if your menstruation is often late or inaccurate, it is not suitable for you to judge whether you are pregnant with menstruation.

4. tired and sleepy

After pregnancy, the hormones in our bodies will change a lot, the metabolism will increase, the calories will consume fast, and it is easy to cause tiredness.

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you have been sleeping normally recently, and you still have tiredness and want to sleep. You can consider whether you are pregnant.

5. Breast pain

After pregnancy, the body’s hormones will rise, and the chest will feel painful. Such a pain will last a long time, especially the most obvious in the first three months of pregnancy.

6. Lost appetite, nausea and vomiting

Three pregnant mothers and 3 vomiting. Pregnancy is a pregnancy reaction that many expectant mothers will occur in the early pregnancy. Each expectant mother’s physical condition is different, and the degree of pregnancy will be different.

Some expectant mothers will vomit to childbirth, and some will spit for a day or two. This is normal, but if you are preparing for pregnancy, you will suddenly feel nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to check if you have a pregnancy.

Although we can know that we can get pregnant sooner or later, we can find pregnancy as soon as possible, and we can prepare as soon as possible to lay a good foundation for the baby, especially the couple who are preparing for pregnancy.

In addition, during pregnancy, we’d better not take medicine or injections.In the end, you should remind you who are preparing for pregnancy. When you have a failure of the pregnancy inspection stick, you should go to the hospital to check the most reliable.

What are the changes after pregnancy?

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