There are "collapse houses" every year, and this year is particularly many!Sexual assault, sneak shot, sleeping fans … are speechless

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Sexual assault, sleeping fans, sneak shots, one -night stand … The "collapse" is available every year. There are many this year.

Generally speaking, the so -called inventory is at the end of the year, combined with the essence of the year to make a big summary.

However, this year is too lively. The Dragon Boat Festival has just passed, and the time has passed halfway. This is already unable to see it. In order to prevent the end of the year, let’s make a small collection in advance.

Let’s follow the timeline and go back.

According to the dynamics of the hot search list, the latest news should be sexual harassment from the artist Chen Jianzhou from Taiwan.

A few days ago, Taiwan’s entertainment artist Grand Ya (art name) reported Taiwanese artist Chen Jianzhou sexually harassing himself.

Da Ya claimed that when he signed a contract with Chen Jianzhou, when he went to Hong Kong with Chen Jianzhou and other staff, Chen Jianzhou entered his hotel room to try to harass himself.

Da Ya described the details in detail in the report. For example, Chen Jianzhou hugged her in a bathrobe, and when Da Ya expressed his rejection and reminded Chen Jianzhou when he had a beloved wife Fan Weiqi.

Chen Jianzhou expressed that Fan Fan did not like to do this, and Dangda has repeatedly expressed his rejection and reminded him of other staff members to come over immediately. Chen Jianzhou had to give up.

After leaving, he returned to let the big teeth take some cleansing oil to him, so that he could have a reasonable excuse when he encountered him.

It is also mentioned that after the incident, Chen Jianzhou said nothing, and he also generously brought Fan Weiqi and Da Ya to them, making Da Ya feel that this person was very horrible and disgusting.

Taking advantage of the Taiwan Entertainment Earthquake this time, Da Ya decided to tell this matter.

After the news broke out, the media said that Chen Jianzhou was really a good friend of sized S. In order to attract the fighting fire of the other party, he did not expect that he had made such a big hammer.

Of course, although this is a joke, it may not make sense.But this is a out -of -the -ware word, and press it first.

Back to Chen Jianzhou, within twenty minutes after being reported to be sexually harassed, Chen Jianzhou Fan Weiqi issued a lawyer’s letter, saying that the news broke out of the law and investigated the legal responsibility of the slander.

Immediately, Da Ya’s hair was also stiff, indicating that he was responsible for what he had said. The next day, Chen Jianzhou continued to post, saying that he would claim 10 million Taiwan dollars.

The big teeth continued to respond. Although it was suffocating again, it was no longer afraid, and the court saw it.

Shortly after the second lawyer’s letter was sent, another artist Guo Yuanyuan broke the news that Chen Jianzhou had sexual harassment of himself twice.

Once, she held her on her thigh in the office. In the end, Guo had helplessly kissed Chen Jianzhou to get away.

Another reason was that Guo brought Guo to his home and wanted to harden. Later, after Guo desperately refused to cry, Chen Jianzhou gave up violence and forced.

Guo Yuanyuan’s breaking news was told by Chen Jianzhou that he would tell Da Ya and claimed 10 million. She said that she had no evidence in her hand, but she did not want Da Ya to fight alone.

Therefore, media netizens feel that the credibility is still very high.

As the second breaking news appeared, Fan Weiqi, the wife of Chen Jianzhou, who had been reported by the media before, posted a rumor on the Internet, saying that he had not lost contact, and said that he believed his husband’s innocence, and he was not afraid of shadow.

But this rumor, with the appearance of the third breaking news, looks very pale.

Third person broke the news from one of the veterans in the group of Hei Shihui Meimei, a demon.

Demon said that Chen Jianzhou once hosted a variety show "I love the Black Society", invited the other party to play in the hotel, and claimed that there were other colleagues.

Because there are other people, the demon goes to the hotel.It was found that there was only Chen Jianzhou in the room. He used words to suggest that the demon demon was left, and he said what his bed was very large.Later, the demon insisted on leaving.

Three consecutive reporters appeared in three consecutive days, all of which refer to Chen Jianzhou.Many netizens expressed their believe in what broke the news said.

After all, as their current status, compared with Chen Jianzhou, they are obviously weak. At this time, betting on their own future, I want to have been sexually harassed.

In addition, Chen Jianzhou does have many shortcomings.Because he had a close relationship with S, Xiao S had previously reported on the show that he had a large scale in emotional communication.

These so -called intentions have now been picked up by netizens and pushed Chen Jianzhou to the cusp.

I don’t know how to develop the next dynamics, will there be new news that will appear, let us wait and see.

The timeline continues to push back, and it will be resumed in the afternoon.At this time, the Taiwan entertainment industry was already shaking. I did not expect that mainland netizens on the other side of the Strait had eaten melon around them.That is Cai Xukun’s one -night stand news.

On the evening of June 26, some media broke the news that Cai Xukun had a one -night stand with a woman with a C names 2 years ago. It is reported that the two were introduced by friends in KTV. After that, both of them were dumped by the other person’s face value, so when they were shot, they fought together.In the evening, there was a close contact with firewood fire.It may be too excited, so no measures are taken.

Later, the woman named C found that she was pregnant and found Cai Xukun. In order not to affect her future, coupled with the one -night stand, she asked the woman to kill the child.And promised to seal her fees of 5 million.

It was possible to deal with it silently here.After all, in the society, you are in love with two people, and you will solve this problem silently, which will not have much impact.However, the appearance of a character has changed the direction of the story.

This person is Cai Xukun’s mother.

How can Aiko -hearted Mother Cai tolerated such a thing?

So she found a private detective and installed a camera near the woman’s house to catch the other party’s handle in private life to shake the pot.

Later, he should not have caught any handle, so he negotiated with the woman C surnamed. It is said that the woman of the C surname C wanted 5 million sealing fees, but Mother Cai only wanted to give 500,000.

And in the negotiation, if a woman named C likes Cai Xukun, she should kneel and lick her baby son like a slave.How can I ask my son to ask for money?

This incident actually happened two years ago, and the news broke out after so long. I don’t know if the woman was threatened or said that the sealing fee was not in place.It was exposed, and the fish was broken.

Because in this woman’s video, there is indeed Mother Cai’s appearance, and the recording released is indeed the voice of Mother Cai, so in fact, this matter is still very unfavorable to Cai Xukun.

In addition, a few days have passed, and Cai Xukun has never made any response, so the credibility of the woman said, including Cai Xukun’s fans, also started to believe it slowly.

Cai Xukun made his debut through a draft show. The development in recent years has been very smooth. The variety shows and endorsements that have participated in are also quite a lot.If the rumor is true, it must have a great impact on his career.

This news could not help but think of Wu who turned over before. Of course, his affairs were more serious, so he went in.

But why did he think of him because Cai and Wu also had a "pig teammate" mother.It is undeniable that if only one night stand happened, and then the other party was pregnant, the two people would kill the child after communication, and the matter may be there.

Even if it is picked out in the future, it is just a pure lovers collapse, like the so -called "yes, there is a child between us", maybe after a while, maybe this time may pass silent.The power of public relations is very powerful.

In addition, so many things happen every day. I believe that after a while, people will slowly forget this matter.However, it is the operation of Mother Cai, which gives this matter.

Of course, I also want to thank Mother Cai for their operation so that this matter is fully exposed.

Before the incident returned to the Dragon Boat Festival, it was also the entertainment industry in Taiwan.When everyone was digesting Huang Zijiao’s breaking news, some Taiwan Internet celebrities reported that Yan Yalun had had a relationship with himself, and after his opposition, he still filmed indecent videos and caused video outflows.Essence

The name of the news was Yao Le, who was a minor boy when he interacted with Yan Yalun.

At first, Yan Yalun took the initiative to add herself on social media. When Yao Le saw the big star excited, Yan Yalun was gentle and considerate, so he quickly talked to each other in love.

During the relationship between the two, Yan Yalun took the indecent videos of the close contact with the two people regardless of their opposition, and led to the outflow of the video.Objective.

The most affordable thing about this thing was that when Yaole held a press conference to tell the matter, Yan Yalun suddenly appeared in a press conference to bring his bodyguards and staff.

Draw a delicate makeup, talk about hypocritical apology, and staged the most poor acting skills, expressing his most false apology.His arrival made Yao Le feel tremendous pressure. The press conference was interrupted for a time. Later, Li Le returned to his mood, and the press conference continued to be held.

At present, Yan Yalun has involved illegal dissemination of indecent videos, and the object is still minor. Although he has repeatedly declared that he is not his subjective active active videos, but because the mobile phone is broken, the video outflow.

However, this behavior has constituted a crime. Taiwan’s judicial institutions will be held accountable for Yan Yalun, and the maximum sentence can reach 15 years.

Will Yan Yalun eventually appear in Taiwan’s prison and be sentenced to several years, and there will be an answer in the future.

Continue to trace forward and return the memory back to February this year.At that time, a real melon broke out in various messy fake top love news.

That is, the son of the famous director Chen Kaige and the actor Chen Hong, Chen Feiyu, trapped in the sleeping fan.

In recent years, Chen Feiyu has gradually emerged in the entertainment industry with his parents’ connections and resources, and his own pretty good appearance.

Unexpectedly, it was exposed to the close photos between him and fans.The parties in the photo are a 26 -year -old female Internet celebrity, a makeup artist, and another identity is Chen Feiyu’s fan.

Because of the work, there are some opportunities for contact with Chen Feiyu.

Because the woman is Chen Feiyu’s standing sister, she often runs with Chen Feiyu for chasing stars. As for how the two people lie together, they can only be said that you want.

However, this woman was married. This group of Zhang film was said to be exposed by the woman’s husband.

It is said that Chen Feiyu’s mother had a price of two million to buy this group of photos at that time, but people were not sold. Now they send out the photos directly. I want to come to the green hat.

After the incident was exposed, Chen Feiyu was treated coldly. Although the resources in all aspects were also greatly affected, under the strong public relations, the film festival of the previous period of time had been on the red carpet with the crew.

Sure enough, the parents are awesome.I don’t know how much his parents spent this time back this time.

In the past six months, there are many negative news in the entertainment industry. In addition to the above, there are also sexual harassment of Huang Zijiao, rumors of large sizes S, and the collapse of other stars.It won’t be able to pretend one by one.

The reason why these four landscape stars are separated alone is to discuss a question with you.That is, what is the indulgence of these stars? Let their behavior succeed smoothly?

It is because of the packaging and publicity of the media that they have created their people’s settings and made them love everyone.

Because of everyone’s love, their star halo is getting bigger and bigger.

Under such a halo, they felt that they were superior and felt that they could not restrain their behavior.

You can indulge your desire, and feel that you can use money, or the pressure of public opinion, and your identity and connections.

This is of course an abnormal social phenomenon, but now this phenomenon is indeed full of the entire entertainment industry.

With the continuous exposure of the media, more and more netizens have questioned the social atmosphere of the entire entertainment industry. In fact, this is a good phenomenon.When people start to question and reflect on, I believe it is a node to rectify the atmosphere.

Of course, not all people in the entertainment industry are incomparable, but it is undeniable that many people still hold high income that does not match their contributions to society.

Immersed in the love of fans and audiences, it gradually lost himself, crossed the bottom line of morality, and even violated the law.

This is the sadness of society and the tumor of the industry.How to develop entertainment more healthily is a question worth thinking and reform.

What do you think about the "collapse of the house"?Welcome to discuss the comment area together!

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