The young mother hugs two a year, and the two babies are only 11 months behind!Netizen: I have room in the confinement!

A mother said: "I have entered the delivery room twice this year. Although the 20 -year little gold mouse, although I did not have seven floors for you, I opened my fingers for your bones. I hope your sister and brother are deeply affectionate."

After seeing this scene, netizens commented: "I used to know that I only knew rice, and there were two stubbles in early rice and late rice a year.

Other netizens said: "It’s amazing, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Indeed, does this non -stop child be able to bear the mother’s body?Are various functions so fast?

For those who want to have two babies, when is the best time to conceive a child?Is the uterus more easily cracking in two -child dense pregnancy and caesarean section in the last child?If you don’t want to get pregnant too fast, how long does it take to start contraception after giving birth? How long is the interval between the two children?

How long should I regenerate the second child?

Obstetrician said that how long the second child should be regenerated, depending on which angle from cutting into:

From a medical perspective, even dense pregnancy is still safe.

In clinical practice, the mother has been pregnant with pregnancy in the same year, and she is pregnant at the beginning of January. Shortly after the production, she was pregnant again at the end of the year!

In fact, from a safety perspective, as long as the ovaries ovulate normally, you will conceive again in natural situations, even if the pregnancy time is dense, it is still safe.

The first child cesarean section, will the wounds be cracked?

If the previous child is taken with a caesarean section, will the wound crack when you are pregnant?

In fact, most of the current cesarean section is used to use low section of horizontal cutting. The wounds will not be cracked by pregnancy again. Even if they are pregnant at the beginning of the year and the end of the year, there are usually no problems.Even if the next child wants to take a natural birth, you can discuss whether it is feasible with your doctor.

However, in case of an emergency or special condition in the previous child, the physician is too late or there is no way to cut it across, and you must perform a cesarean section in traditional direct cuts or other methods. It is not recommended to try natural delivery in the next child to avoid wound cracking.

According to foreign studies, even if a cesarean section is used in the last child, dense pregnancy usually does not cause the uterus to crack, not too worried.

Is there a different time in the different way of childbirth in the previous child?

Should the last child natural or cesarean section have different pregnancy opportunities?

Because the uterus can restore the old only in 6 weeks (the condition that can be restored to prenatal), no matter whether a child is naturally produced or cesarean section, the next child will not make the next child suitable for pregnancy.

From the perspective of life, it is recommended to get pregnant after two years.

Although it is basically safe, the timing of deciding to give birth to the second child is not only a safety consideration, but also includes the care of life and whether the mother’s physical and mental condition can be loaded.When children were born, the mother was the hardest. Tests such as taking care of children and breastfeeding often followed. Novice mummy often faced many problems that had never been dealt with.

At present, most of the medical circles are recommended that mothers will breastfeed for at least half a year, and they can even feed them at 2 years old. Therefore, comprehensively evaluate all aspects. It is recommended that if you want to regenerate the second child, you can wait for 2 years to get pregnant.

What should I do if I am pregnant during breastfeeding?

In case you are still breastfeeding, you are pregnant …

Although it is really difficult to conceive in the state of dense pure breast milk, there is still a chance of conception of about 3%, and the mother may still be pregnant again.

So, can you still feed Dabao when you are pregnant?

At present, there is no evidence that it shows that breastfeeding Dabao will cause Xiaobao to produce premature birth during pregnancy. Therefore, even if unexpectedly pregnant, it can still breastfeed at the same time. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the balanced intake of nutrients in order to supply the nutrients of the mother and child at the same time.

How long will ovulation after giving birth?

If you do not breastfeed, ovulation will begin 4 or 5 weeks after delivery, which means that you may conceive at this time; if you do not conceive after ovulation, menstruation will come after 2 weeks.If you continue to breastfeed after delivery, it is not necessarily when ovulation.

Usually, breastfeeding is not easy to conceive than breast milk.However, as mentioned earlier, even if pure mother breastfeeding is feed, there is still about 3%of the conception rate, so if you don’t want to get pregnant again, even if the menstruation has not yet come, the sexual behavior of postpartum must be contraceptive.

Many women will contraception in the way of calculating the safety and danger period, but it is not recommended to do this after childbirth. In the case of breastfeeding, there is no way to estimate the first ovulation period and menstrual cycle in the postpartum.It will be very regular, but not counting the time will accidentally conceive.If you don’t want to get pregnant soon, you can consider contraceptives, contraceptives, condoms, etc. to contraception.

How long can they have sex after giving birth?

It is recommended that at least wait until the end of the puzzle (6 weeks after delivery) before re -operating relationships, but also respect the wishes and comfort of both parties.When sexual behavior is too fast, women are more likely to be infected.

As long as the mother’s physical condition is normal and healthy, in fact, it is not necessary to obey how long the doctor’s suggestion is, but that the mother should evaluate how long she wants to have a second child, and then discuss supporting measures and feasible plans with the doctor.

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