The woman’s 5 -month -old was pregnant, because of a home -cooked dish!Many families have this habit

After taking a few sips of leftovers, the fetus in her stomach had no fetal heart, and Ms. Zhang regretted crying and swollen her eyes.The doctor inference the culprit that Ms. Zhang’s unfortunate encounter is likely to be the bowl of leftovers containing Liszto.

After eating leftovers, pregnant women have fever and diarrhea, lost their baby

Citizen Ms. Zhang is 5 months pregnant, and the whole family is looking forward to the advent of new life every day.Due to the big appetite during pregnancy, Ms. Zhang often feels hungry.A few days ago, when Ms. Zhang got up, the breakfast at home was not ready, so she took a few sips of the leftovers the night before the refrigerator.

Beginning that afternoon, she had symptoms of fever and stomach pain, accompanied by diarrhea, and continued until the evening.Therefore, the family sent her to the Beilun District People’s Hospital (Beilun Branch of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University).The doctor immediately treated her, but the examination found that the baby’s fetal heart in the belly had disappeared.

While Ms. Zhang is doing induction, she also has the symptoms of continuous high fever and vomiting.The doctor conducted bacterial culture of her vomit and blood, and found "Liszt bacteria".

Why is Lest bacteria so great?

Listella is a kind of inferior anaerobic bacteria that exists in the soil, dust, water, water, processing food, raw meat, dairy products, animals and human feces.It mainly uses food as the medium of infection, and is one of the most fatal foods.Meat, eggs, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and vegetables can be its source of infection.In addition, Lest bacteria can still grow and reproduce in the 4 ° C environment, so it can exist for a long time in refrigerated food.

Summer is here, and many people like to eat the food taken directly in the refrigerator, especially ice milk and cooked vegetables. The probability of infection of Liszmid also increases, especially pregnant women, newborns, elderly and immune function defects.It is a susceptible crowd.

Sheng Mingyan, a obstetrician at the People’s Hospital of Beilun District (Beilun Branch of Zhejiang University), said: "Liszt bacteria may only have mild influenza symptoms when entering a healthy adult, but after pregnant women and newborn infections, they may cause extremely harsh consequences."

Pregnant women may have abortion, embryo stopping, fetal death, premature birth, etc., and newborns will have severe pneumonia, sepsis, purulent meningitis, and high mortality.Disabled.

High temperature heating is the only way to kill Lisite bacteria

So how to avoid such dangers?Sheng Mingyan gave the following suggestions:

Avoid eating cold and long -term food in the refrigerator: for example, canned foods, cooked vegetables for overnight vegetables, unwashed vegetables and fruits, ice milk that has not been sterilized by Paas, and seafood that is raw or cooked.

Pay attention to food safety: Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clear water. It is best to peel the fruits. The cutting board should be cooked and separated. Check the date of the food. Do not eat expired food.

Pay attention to hand hygiene: Wash your hands with soapy water after handling raw food and touching pets.

Keep kitchen hygiene: Frequent cleaning tableware, countertops and cutting boards. It is recommended to use disinfection cabinets. Frequent cleaning of refrigerators, thawing foods should be cooked immediately.

Dr. Sheng Mingyan reminded that high -temperature heating is the only way to kill Liszto.Citizen friends, especially pregnant mothers, have symptoms similar to colds or gastroenteritis after eating cold foods, and take a doctor as soon as possible.

Source: Ningbo Evening News

Original title: Women’s 5 -month -old fetuses are in a dead abdomen, just because of a home -cooked dish!Many families have this habit …

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