The woman was pregnant inexplicably after returning from a business trip. Her husband: Who is the child’s father?

Some time ago, a newlywed woman in Hangzhou found that she was pregnant unexpectedly after a business trip, and she and her husband knew it.Later, the two quarreled many times, and even reached the point of divorce.Later, the heroine Xiaomei gradually remembered some things when she was alone. At that time, she had a business trip to eat with several male colleagues, but was drunk.Although it was so drunk at the time, there was no doubt when I saw my clothes on my body.

The newcomer of the same period as her was Li. She planned to ask Li to ask what happened at the time. As a result, Li only said that he and the waiter sent her back to the room.Xiaomei had no doubt about this. Until Li always contacted Xiaomei and wanted to meet in private, it caused Xiaomei’s doubt and reported the police.

However, these speculations were not enough to set up Li’s sin. Until the dual evidence of the comparison of embryo tissue and the monitoring of hotel monitoring, Li had to acknowledge the crime he committed.Li’s appearance, but his heart was ugly. He was really a human -faced beast. When he saw that the female colleagues were drunk, they were very interested.

The majority of women should also pay more attention. Do not believe that such male colleagues should pay more attention to safety. This world is full of people with human skin.If you are unfortunately encountering such a thing, do not wash away the evidence because of the stigma of society, or give up the alarm because of the ignorance of society.It is very important to know that maintaining your legitimate rights through legal means. The dirty is the illegal disciples of the human face, and the victims will not be broken because of this.

Xiaomei in this case is worthy of everyone to learn. The decisive alarm punish illegal people not only protect herself, but also protect the future girls.The most important thing is that everyone can work together to fight against this stigma. What should really bear is not the victims, but the victims who have no king.

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