The woman was pregnant for 3 months, and her husband was thirsty in the middle of the night.

We all know that pregnant women are very expensive. After all, she is with a child in her belly, and it is not very convenient to do anything.

Therefore, when the society is advocating that the pregnant woman’s actions are inconvenient, they should help.

The man below, his wife has been pregnant for 3 months, thirsty in the middle of the night, calling her husband to pour a glass of water to drink.

Unexpectedly, her husband refused directly, and stood at the door of the room and said that his wife was delicious and lazy. He left for more than ten minutes before leaving. He did not pour a glass of water to his wife from beginning to end.

Pregnant women felt very cold, but did not expect that her husband was still treating herself like this.

What is going on? Let’s take a look together.

The incident happened in Hefei, Anhui. At that time, the woman was pregnant for 3 months.

Because pregnancy is a big thing. In order to better take care of the baby in the stomach, the woman resigned from the work and restrained at home.

It is a boring thing at home, and what I can do every day is just sleeping and playing with mobile phones.

In order to prevent the baby in the belly from suffering a little possible damage, she did not do housework.

Sometimes even thirsty, I did not pour water in person, but told my husband to pour water for himself.

The woman did not notice that her husband was dissatisfied with this. She felt that she should be better cared for her pregnancy, and it was a matter of course to direct her husband to work.

But her husband felt that other pregnant women were still at work for three or four months of pregnancy, and she was lying at home and sleeping at home every day, and she looked so lazy.

Her husband considers that she has a big belly and did not say these dissatisfaction, but try to meet her requirements as much as possible.

Until the night of the night, the woman woke up in the middle of the night and felt that her mouth was dry, so she habitually called her husband to pour water to herself.

Unexpectedly, this caused her husband’s dissatisfaction. He stood at the door of the room and accused the woman of being lazy.

After speaking for a long time, I refused to pour a glass of water to the woman. I also said that letting the woman find someone to take care of her by themselves. In the future, don’t bother him to do things.

These words of her husband make the woman feel cold, and she didn’t expect how her husband would be like this.

The woman silently scolded him in his heart, and put the incident on the Internet, causing discussions by many netizens.

Some netizens think that taking care of pregnant women is a matter of course, but some pregnant women should consciously, and they cannot often direct others to do things because they are pregnant.

Some people think that pouring water is just a cause. In fact, the man has long been dissatisfied with his wife. He thinks his wife is lazy to do it. This is why he loses his temper.

Of course, many netizens think that this man has done too much. His wife is pregnant. Of course, as a husband, he should take care of her.Now just ask him to pour a glass of water. Is it so difficult?My wife can give birth to the child in October, which is much harder than him.

I really do n’t understand why this man should be compared with a pregnant woman. From this trivial matter, it can be seen that the man is not worth the life, because he has no sense of responsibility.

Dangdang family felt that they should reflect on their own way: the man obviously did wrong, he should not lose his temper with his wife, especially when his wife was pregnant.

Women should also consciously have a better pregnancy. They should do what they can do for themselves.

What do you think about this?


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