The woman was inexplicably pregnant after going to Xiamen!When did you be pregnant?Who is the child?

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I just fell in love

Xiaojuan (pseudonym) found that she was pregnant

Then, the problem is coming

Who is this child?

What happened one night a month ago?

Things are a little bizarre …

Late June last year

Xiaojuan travels to Xiamen for a business trip

In the meantime, colleagues invited her to dinner

Who knows a month later

She was found to be pregnant

Story from time to time

Xiaojuan suspects that she is during a business trip


She remembered

On the evening of June 22 last year

She eats with a few male colleagues

Drink about 6 two 52 degrees white wine

Drunk nothing to remember

When I wake up the next day

The clothes on your body are good

There is no abnormality, I went home after the business trip ended

After that, a suspicious person appeared

Xiaojuan thinks about it carefully

I think of the colleague Cao Mou who was drinking together that night

Two people joined the same period and are familiar with

She contacted Cao

Ask who gave her back to the hotel that night

Cao said, it was his waiter with the hotel

After that, Xiaojuan noticed Cao’s strangeness

Not only does he often chat with her in the middle of the night

Care about her movement

And I also go to see her on a business trip to visit her

Xiaojuan believes that it is Cao Mou

She calls the police locally

At the police’s suggestion

Extract embryo tissue

In order to follow DNA comparison

Police retracted monitoring and found …

At the end of July 2019

Xiaojuan came to Xiamen to report the case

The police retrieved the hotel’s monitoring and found that:

At more than 10 pm on June 22, Cao and the waiter helped Xiaojuan into the room with the waiter. The waiter left. After two hours, Cao Mou walked out of the room.

The hotel staff said that when Xiaojuan was taken to the hotel, she was too drunk to communicate with others and couldn’t walk. It was Cao who came to the front desk to ask the room number. The two fell to the ground.Essence

Judicial appraisal

Confirm that Cao is the biological father of the biology tissue extracted

After returning to the case, Cao at the beginning denied rape to Xiaojuan. He said that he just infringed her impulse, but he was not rape, and he did not know why Xiaojuan was pregnant.But in the face of evidence, Cao acknowledged what he did.

According to the prosecutor, the 27 -year -old Cao University culture this year, due to the impulse, he used the impulse to use the victims to be drunk and did not know the resistance, and the adulterous woman, which led to the consequences of pregnancy, should be held criminal responsibility for rape.

Recently, the suspect Cao Mou

He was prosecuted by the Huli District Procuratorate for suspected rape

[Source: Xiamen Evening News]

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