The woman was checked by the woman’s drug abuse, but she was pregnant for more than 2 months

Two days ago, the police of the National Day Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Huainan City, Anhui, seized a drug addict in a rental house in the area under its jurisdiction. What is shocking is that the woman surnamed Chen had been pregnant for more than two months, and it turned out to be more than two months old.Still taking drugs.

On the afternoon of March 10th, the police at the National Day Police Station of the Huainan Public Security Bureau, in a rental house in Zhaowei Village, Tianjiazhang District, seized the drug addict Chen. Before, she bought a small amount from a local drug dealer and bought a small amount.Heroin.When the police captured the drug dealer, he locked Chen Chen who purchased drugs.

Two months pregnant, even taking drugs!Facing the police’s inquiry, Chen himself was ashamed.

The police learned that Chen, a native of Huainan City, took drugs when he was young, and later quit. During this time, because of the epidemic, he encountered drugs and could not stand the temptation.

After the sample inspection of Chen, its drug test results were positive.The police punished Chen in accordance with the law.As the mother of the two children, and at the same time, she was pregnant. Chen was determined to completely detoxify this time. In front of the police, she guaranteed that she would not suck anymore for the child.

Because drugs such as heroin can cause adverse effects on the fetus through the placenta, heroin is addicted to the two generations of mothers and infants, causing harm to the next generation.The abuse of drugs will cause serious harm to the health of pregnant women, fetuses and newborns.

The harm of drug abuse to pregnancy fetus

Drugs such as heroin and morphine can be passed to the fetus through the placenta. After 1 hour of drug use of pregnant women, heroin can be measured in the fetus.Heroin, who enters the fetus, has entered the nervous system due to the characteristics of fat -soluble, and stores in the brain tissue.Pregnant women who are addicted to drug addiction can be found when they are pregnant for 4 to 6 months.

Harm to newborns

In addition to harsh children and weird children, 50%of the newborn is low weight (weighing less than 2500 grams at birth).Newborns can have complications such as neonatal suffocation, low breathing reflexes, intracranial hemorrhage, hypoglycemia, hypotonal calcium, etc. 60%~ 90%of newborns may have abstaining symptoms, including screaming, proneness, tremor, tremor, Uneasiness, multi -movement, increased muscle tension, rapid breathing, difficulty in breathing, anorexia, decreased weight, intermittent purple magpie and breathing, seizures, fever, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, yawn, sneezing, etc. These symptoms generally appear in birth in birthWithin 48 hours, 10%of the newborn abstinence response was not obvious. It was not manifested until 2 to 4 weeks after birth. This may be caused by the slow accumulation or drug excretion of drugs in the fetus.Passive addiction newborn mortality rates are very high. If it is not treated, 93%of newborns will develop to septic attacks, and their mortality rate can be as high as 3.5%.

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