The woman suddenly suffered severe abdominal pain after she boarded.

"Doctor, I feel sore in my lower abdomen, I feel that something is going to drop. Now there are a lot of bleeding, what should I do?"

Ms. Jiang has never been contraceptive and has given birth to 3 children, but with the decline in income in recent years, she has to consider contraceptives, so she went to the contraceptive ring last year.The upper ring has been one year. I always feel backache and my abdomen in the past two weeks. I have a sudden abdominal pain in my abdomen yesterday and bleeding. I feel that there is something to fall to the hospital for treatment.

She happened to be 29 years old this year. When she was resting at home two weeks ago, she had a backache. From time to time, she felt sore and had nausea and vomiting.Rest and eat less at home.

However, Ms. Jiang’s uncomfortable performance still did not improve. When she was resting on the sofa yesterday, she felt like the feeling of menstruation. The pain in her lower abdomen suddenly strengthened. It felt like something had to be dropped from the vagina. She hurried to the hospital for treatment.

After coming to the hospital, she just saw Ms. Jiang, and she said that she felt that something was about to fall out. Seeing that her consciousness was still awake, let her lie on the gynecological examination bed, opened a sanitary napkin to open her pants, and saw it.When it was exposed from the vaginal mouth, I took the pheasant inspection. When I saw a part of the birth ring in the inner mouth of the cervix, clamped the wire with a berth, pulled it out, and the ring was pulled out.

I thought it was just a breakthrough and stuck as simple, but if you think about it, it is impossible to cause the amount of bleeding even if the birth ring falls out. Use the probe light again. It is faintly seen that the cervix mouth is a bit white tissue, not like the cervix.Organization, accompanied by Ms. Jiang’s abdominal pain, the white tissue moved out again, looking at it like a sac that broke a part, it was very similar to the gestational sac.Essence

Take the color Doppler ultrasound quickly, the fetus is not large, and there is no fetal heart. The size of the fetus is like 10 weeks of pregnancy. Considering that the cervix mouth has tissue fabrics, there is no fetal heart.Essence

Clear the cervical tissue with a scraper, and then clean the uterine cavity with an attractor. The tissue is not large. After cleaning, it will not bleed anymore.

After understanding the entire process after surgery, Ms. Jiang was not asymptomatic in the early stage. Back acidity and lower abdomen were sore in two weeks. It was prompted that it might be a prerequisite manifestation of miscarriage.

Through Ms. Jiang’s experience, in fact, there have been occurred in life. The success rate of contraceptive success after the upper stage of the ring is 95%. It is not 100%.Pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy may also increase the risk of miscarriage in the future, and there will be an inevitable abortion. There will be the following features:

1. Lower abdominal pain: Generally, in the early days, it is not severe pain in the lower abdomen. It is often soreness in the lower abdomen, hidden lower abdomen, accompanied by lumbaric acid, nausea and vomiting. As the disease progresses, lower abdomen pain worsens.

2. Bleeding from vaginal: It is inevitable that bleeding is often more during miscarriage. If there are more than menstrual flow, it will cause incomplete abortion. At this time, it may cause blood loss shock and coagulation dysfunction.

3. Mentalities: Those with menstruation, menstruation does not come for more than one month.

The health ring is indeed a way of contraception, but there is still a possibility of pregnancy. If there is still a history of the same room after going on the ring, the menopause occurs suddenly, the vaginal bleeding, and the lower abdomen, the hospital needs to be diagnosed in time.

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