The woman has given birth to 4 women, and she is asked to divorce by accident. Netizens: Should be divorced long ago

Marriage feels different for everyone. Some people are happy in marriage, and some people feel that marriage is the grave of love.

For women, when encountering a man who is considerate and cares for himself, marriage may be happy.However, if you meet a man who has no cultural knowledge, is unreasonable, and is irritable, and has a tendency to violent tendencies, commonly known as scum men. Women should still be out of the sea of suffering as soon as possible and pursue the happiness of life.

This is not. Recently, a woman in Linhai, Zhejiang, sent a video saying that she had had four daughters, and now she was unexpectedly pregnant because she was reluctant to kill it. Now the children in the belly have been 8 months.

They used to rent a house before. They have been working in Zhejiang. Her husband saw that she was pregnant with another daughter. Her husband felt a little scared.Ask to divorce with her as soon as possible.The couple finally reached an agreement, and Ms. Hu agreed to divorce.According to Ms. Hu, her husband has a tendency to violence and has been derailed.

Ms. Hu said that after the New Year, Ms. Hu will return to her hometown Guizhou to go through the divorce procedures, and Ms. Hu’s husband will pay Ms. Hu and her daughters a total of 1,000 yuan per month, which is equivalent200 yuan a month.

Through the video, it is not difficult to see that the conditions of Ms. Hu’s family life are not very good, and the environment for living is also bad.However, Ms. Hu said that I believe that as long as she works hard, her life will definitely get better and better in the future.

After the video is sent, there are many comments on the Internet.

Netizen A: Don’t be a daughter. This husband is too responsible. In what age, it is still old thoughts and old ideas. Cultivate the child into talents. The life is better, but the man should do it.

Netizen B: This woman is really too bitter, too pitiful!For the dream of a man who has a son, there are four births and one child. Isn’t it painful?As a result, because he was not born to his son, he was kicked out of the house by her husband.A single mother should bring five children, how can I live in the future?I’m tired of thinking about it.

Netizen C: How nice daughter is!I have saved the galaxy in my last life!Can’t you give birth to your daughter?There are still people who don’t want it!I do n’t know if I am in my blessing!If the parents are very sick, the daughter must be caring on the side of the hospital.

There are many comments, but most of them are sympathy for Ms. Hu, and condemnation of Ms. Hu’s husband.

Editor’s point of view: This typical is a unfortunate marriage. The husband has a tendency to violence and derailment. The most important thing is that the concept is particularly old.In the last century, many people did immerse themselves in the thoughts of having boys.But what is the society now?Thought should have changed long ago.

"One of the boys and women, and the daughter is also a future."The daughter is the close padded jacket of the parents.Isn’t it easy for people to raise a son now?It is already a big social problem to marry a wife. There are four daughters in the family. What a good life and a good day.

At the same time, women have given you four children, and they are also allowed to be born, and they have to abandon, typical scumbag.

In marriage, once a woman encounters such a man, it is good to let go early, and women should have the courage to welcome a new beautiful life.(END)

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