The wife went to the nightclub to play at the nightclub 7 months, and she ignored the children in the stomach at all.

In the bar, he saw his wife, wearing transparent clothes, and twisted there with a big belly.At this moment, the wife suddenly fell, and a red liquid flowed between her legs.

In the hospital, the husband and mother were served day and night, but the wife was still dissatisfied. After often a big noise, her behavior was uncomfortable to make the sick friends in the same house. What is the relationship between the two?

As soon as the two were out of the hospital, as soon as they entered the house, their wives were going to divorce. The reason was that the husband was in his 30s and did not go to work. He did n’t go to work. He was free to travel all day long, delicious and lazy.This husband also recognized that he had no work and did not have the responsibility of being a husband, but why he would be like herself, because the wife’s work was a kind of injuries in his heart.

The husband said that since the beginning of the marriage, there is no work.There is no money from his own hands, and when the wife is hospitalized, he can’t get it from himself to 5 0 0 0.

In addition, the wife said: Husband has another problem that is to pretend to be sick to cheat money. He often bits and breaks his lips and then asks his mother to ask his mother to check.Check money.She suffered enough life.

The husband suspected that his wife was unfaithful, because he often saw his wife wearing sexy clothes to go to the nightclub, and even often spent alone with men in a room.

The marriage between the two is really good and beneficial. They face the demolition and get more than the same time.The purpose of his wife and his son to marry him is not just pure. His wife has a marriage. Even the house she is living is also a ex -husband. Marriage with him is also for the relief.

The closure of the wife and the people at home is not very close. She came out very early and became a group of actors. She also became a public customs. This kind of career made her with the people at home.

Before marrying, the wife’s harvest is not wrong, but the sales are also large. It can be seen from her usage. She is the kind of owner who buys and buy, all kinds of authenticity, all kinds of clothes, various shoes, various bags.After the marriage, the two people’s opening and sales are still the same, but the husband does not make money, and the aggressive force is still pressed on the shoulder of his wife, so the two will be noisy.

The wife and son are faulty when they are flat, and they often have more than 20,000, and they are 7-80,000 times.

After the marriage, the wife opened a film company, and the Lord had to make some aspects of makeup, ritual and other aspects, because he had to discuss some things in a room with his colleagues, and he was not confident by his husband.

Speaking of what you want to go to the nightclub often, the main thing is to be boring after quarreling with the husband, so he wants to go to the nightclub to vent, but it is a big sister!What kind of way of doing this is what a seven -month -old expectant mother should do!

My mother -in -law was also suffering. I introduced two objects to her son before, but because of the general appearance, it did not succeed. In the end, this is beautiful. Although it is a second marriage, the son likes it.For a long time, but in less than a year, the relationship between the two became like this.

The children are not used to the mother and mother, and the mother’s mother is the same, and the mother of the daughter -in -law is the same, but for the children in the belly, they still choose each other to understand each other.

The two signed an agreement. The wife try to control their temper and not go to the nightclub.Essence

The continuation of love is the marriage. Now it is bound by the agreement of the bidding price. Can this marriage be continued?

There is no love for marriage. It is scary and sad. Just like the marriage of these two people, they are built above the benefits. They are hoping to obtain benefits from the opponent. How can this marriage last long?

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