The white -collar worker has not been pregnant for many years, and the multi -disciplinary medical care "one -stop guardian" helps her usher in the baby

Ji Mu Journalist Zheng Jingjing

Correspondent Yu Yan

"Thank you for escorting the multidisciplinary medical care of Wuhan No. 1 Hospital and send us such a cute baby." On May 8th, the citizen Deng Ping (pseudonym) took over at the Mother’s Day event held in Wuhan First Hospital.The "My 0 -year -old Journey" baby’s exclusive archives sent by the medical treatment are very emotional.He has no children with his wife for many years. He finally ushered in his daughter under the careful treatment and guardianship of medical care, obstetrics, and neonatal medicines such as the First Hospital of Wuhan.

Medical staff showed the "My 0 -year -old Journey" baby exclusive file book for the citizens who participated in the event

Deng Ping and his wife Ms. Zhao have been married for many years and have no children.Last year, they came to the reproductive medicine department of Wuhan First Hospital and were diagnosed with infertility of unknown causes. Doctors suggested that "artificial insemination".After 1 cycle of "artificial insemination" treatment, Ms. Zhao successfully conceived.After pregnancy, she entered the one -stop service process of "Huaisheng Nourishing" in the hospital and joined the WeChat group. Reproductive medicine, obstetrics, neonatal, pediatricians provided professional consultation in the group.

During the examination after pregnancy, Ms. Zhao was found to be positive for lupus anticoagulation. She followed the doctor’s advice and regular check -ups. She has always been normal under the escort of reproductive medicine and obstetrics.Who knows that at 35 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Zhao found that the baby’s heartbeat was only 80 times per minute during the birth checkup, which was far lower than the frequent heartbeat of the normal fetus.Open the green passage immediately, and cooperate with the team of obstetrics, anesthesia, and neonatal department to give her a baby through the emergency cesarean section.After the baby is born, he has difficulty in breathing, hay, slow heart rate, and uneven heart rhythm. After the recovery of neonatal medicine, he is transferred to the neonatal department for further treatment.

After entering the neonatal intensive care unit, the baby’s breathing difficulties are increasing, accompanied by frequent arrhythmia.Director Wang Na, the newborn child, carried out discussion of general cases. Considering Ms. Zhao’s pregnancy combined with the typical anti -phospholipid syndrome is the original fierce murderer that leads to children’s arrhythmia. She and the team tailored a personalized treatment plan.The baby’s heart rate and arrhythmia resume normal, and it has been recovered recently.

On May 8th, it coincided with the maternal day of the reproductive medicine department, obstetrics, neonatal department, and childbirth clinics of Wuhan First Hospital. Deng Ping specially came to thank the medical staff.On the same day, the medical staff also binded the baby’s medical records in reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and neonatal department as the exclusive file book "My 0 -year -old Journey", and gave it to Deng Ping for free.He was very moved to the warm and thoughtful service of medical staff in the hospital.

At the event site, citizens participated in the "Pain Pain Experience" activity

The reporter learned that the one-stop service of "Huai-Sheng-Restaurant-Restaurant" in Wuhan First Hospital was in-depth cooperation by reproductive medicine, obstetrics, neonatal and children’s health clinics, and combined strongly to facilitate patients."From women’s pregnancy, health care to childbirth, to the growth of the baby, maternal and infants need to go through a series of processes. Establish a" Huai-Sheng-Nourishing-Education "one-stop service, which aims to meet the diverse needs of mothers and infants to avoid citizens from citizensRunning back and forth to seek medical treatment to improve the patient’s medical experience. Adhering to the most warm hospital concept of our hospital, and really allowing families with difficulty in pregnancy to enjoy the most temperature and humanized medical services. "Gao Xuemei said.

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