The well -known actress in Hong Kong announced the second child!Pregnancy and bleeding in the elderly, more than 40 stitches every night every night

On January 30, according to media reports, Hong Kong’s well -known actress Sun Huixue announced that she was pregnant with her second child. She was pregnant with an old age. This child was very hard. She often dizzy and vomit during pregnancy and even bleed.

Sun Huixue took a group photo with his eldest son on his personal social account account, and happily announced the good news of the second child.In the exposed photos, the mother and child were dressed in pink parent -child outfit and dressed up.

She is 40 years old, her skin is still fair and firmer, and she can’t see a touch of wrinkles on her face, and she is well maintained.Although she was only pregnant for 3 months, her belly was very large.

As Sun Huixue hugged his son’s hand, he stroked his pregnant belly, and the picture was warm and loving.The son inherited the good gene of his mother, and his big eyes were very cute. I believe that the second child will be a handsome guy or beauty.

However, Sun Huixue’s pregnancy process was very difficult.She left a message and revealed that she may be older, plus the problem of adenomy and adenomiasis, so she was harder than when the second child was pregnant. There was a bleeding situation 12 weeks ago. Every nightYou have to go to the hospital for more than 40 stitches to get the fetal needle, and you must not have a big move.

Due to frequent injections in the pelvic position, she bruised and swollen a large piece of pelvic bone.The nurse said to her that this reaction may indicate that her body can no longer be absorbed.

Fortunately, Sun Huixue has survived the first level. She does not forget to encourage female friends who have the same glandular muscles and eager to get pregnant, don’t be discouraged.

She also mentioned that she did not have twins and did not eat too much. The belly was so big for 3 months. It is estimated that the belly was loose.After all, when she was pregnant with her first child, her belly was pulled 43 inches.

Regarding her pregnancy again, Sun Huixue said that she was within the plan. She always wanted to have two children. It felt better to grow up together, and she also responded to growing up.Before, she was worried that she couldn’t cope with the two baby at once. When her son reached a certain year of age and solved some basic problems, she had courage to ask for a second child.

Speaking of Sun Huixue, netizens who love to watch TVB episodes should be no stranger.She has a beautiful and acting skills. She has successfully shaped a lot of colorful characters for many years, leaving a deep impression.

Outside of the play, her emotional life encountered frustration, but finally ended a happy ending.

Occasionally, Sun Huixue met Luo Tianyan, a second -generation wholesaler wholesaler wholesaler wholesale, and the two people who had similar interests quickly came together.

However, during the 6 years of dating, they continued to friction. For a time, the woman wanted to break up because the woman wanted to get married.

After being separated, Luo Tianyan discovered that he had long been inseparable from Sun Huixue.If he doesn’t want to miss, he takes the initiative to make a compound.Sun Huixue, who was still in his heart, agreed to reunite quickly.

In 2016, the two held a romantic wedding, formally settled into husband and wife, and quickly gave birth to a son after marriage.Today, a new member is about to usher in the family, and then it will definitely become more and more lively.

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