The three celebrities of the "not give birth", netizens: feelings, but unfortunately good genes

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For the choice of "having children", the tolerance of society is getting higher and higher, and people can make this choice according to their wishes.After entering the marriage hall, some couples will put the "birth baby plan" on the agenda.Some husbands and wives will choose "no children" after marriage for some special reasons.

In the entertainment industry, there are three star couples who have chosen "no children" after marriage have always received much attention and discussion.One of them was Zhou Runfa and his wife Chen Huilian. The two of them were married in 1987. Since they get married, they can be said to be loving, but the two have no children.Speaking of the reason, Zhou Runfa said that Chen Huilian once had a child, but because of the umbilical cord around his neck, the child died unfortunately, and Chen Huilian was damaged in physical and mental.In order to prevent his wife from going through such a thing, he chose not to have children.

Another "no child" star couple is Chen Songling and Zhang Duo. The two of them belong to their siblings, and their love can be said to be very sweet.The reason why she did not have children was because Chen Songling had undergone surgery because of ovarian tumors. After this operation, Chen Songling’s body could not have birth.

The third couple who chose "no child" is Zhu Xiaotian and Han Wenwen, and they are not born with children because Zhu Xiaotian suffers from genetic diseases. This disease causes Zhu Xiaotian’s muscle pain and cannot heal himself. He is worried about this disease.He will be inherited to the next generation, so he has never dared to have children.For these three couples, netizens lamented: It is original, but unfortunately a good gene.

In fact, children are not the "must -have questions" in life, because the arrival of children will bring great changes, and for some husbands and wives, this change may not be happy.For example, raising a child requires a lot of costs, so at this time, giving birth to a child will increase the pressure of the family for some families.

When family conditions cannot support the growth of children, children cannot grow up healthy and happy, which is actually irresponsible for children, so at this time "not having children" may not be a good choice.

In addition, having a child is still a fear and restlessness for some women.The so -called fear is more from the effort that needs to be made from pregnancy and childbirth.Unsibility is from the threat facing career.

Society’s requirements for women are relatively strict, and once women have children, it is difficult to devote themselves to work. At this time, it is easy to face the possibility of losing career.Because the actual situation of each couple is different, it is a personal decision to have a child, and there is no right to interfere with others.

1. Economic savings

As the saying goes: "Raising children to prevent the elderly", traditional families attach importance to children, one of the reasons is to have children to take care of their old age.Old people in their later years have no economic income, but sometimes there are many expenditures in their later years.Therefore, couples without children must take advantage of their youth to make economic savings, so as to ensure the quality of life in their later years.

2. Buy medical insurance

Once you enter your old age, your body is prone to minor illnesses, so you often need to see a doctor to buy medicine, and some elderly people will have more serious situations, so medical expenses are relatively large.Because of this, couples without children should pay attention to buying medical insurance early, so that there are more guarantees in life in their later years.

There is no standard answer to the question "Want to have a baby", but it is undeniable that couples who do not have children will face many challenges in their later years, so both husband and wife should pay attention to the relevant questions in advance and prepare.

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