The technical points of free swimming legs, as well as the practice methods and cooperation points in water and land

At the age of 33, I learned to swim. The kind of breaststrokes that could not be drowned from elementary school before, without swimming skills.But since I was a little watched "People from the Atlantic Ocean" imitating McHarris’s butterfly legs, it can also be regarded as the basic skills of butterfly.My butterfly and free swimming underwater shooting also has a small section of mixed swimming videos.I first learned the butterfly swimming for half a year.Later, he learned freely and backstroke.Finally corrected the breaststroke.

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Freedom swimming and butterfly stamping legs practice movements, be sure to do it right, practice in the mirror, watch the selfie video repeatedly.Don’t get off the water if you do it wrong.On the land, you can’t control the movements of your limbs. When you go to the water, you will be blind. You can only swim blindly.

A person must be able to control his limbs to order instructions, when to do what moves to swim.

When adults learn to swim by self -study, you must first practice the imitation movements of the land correctly, so that the water can be correct.And it may be incorrect, but if you can’t do it, it is impossible to do it correctly at all.

Swimming freely, do not go straight down the stick, do not lift your calves, do not hit the water.

To achieve hip power, driving the thighs and calves straight to accelerate the legs, just like playing football.Play football, you are not playing football with your legs, but using the entire body, especially the hip joint.

The butterfly legs and waist should do a good job of imitation exercises on the land.If you do n’t practice well -butterfly, you ca n’t do it at all.And the force and free legs are not much different, and they cannot raise their calves up.

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My free swimming second legs.Look a few more times, and deeply print this correct picture in your mind. This is called appearance training. If there is no correct movement in your mind, then the water will not swim.

The efficient secondary legs swim freely, stretching smoothly, which seems simple. In fact, the technical content is the highest, which is more difficult than six times.And do more with less, save efficiency, and improve efficiency.Suitable for adults for the purpose of not being pursuing speed.The correct coordination is to get the right leg in the left hand, push the water with the left hand to fight the same side legs (walking the same as humans), or see the left hand push the water to hit the same side legs.On the contrary, when you swim freely, you can turn over the left -handed left -leg without streamlined body in the left hand.

Long -distance free swimming, if you are purely a leisure, how can you make your legs with you.If you have to have speed, you can try secondary legs and six legs.Generally speaking, secondary legs consume a little less, not easy to get tired.But the technical content is higher.

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The technical content of the secondary legs is particularly obvious.Taking the left hand to the right leg, push the water with the left hand to hit the left leg.Adults are very poor, and they are swimming with boards, but faster than playing with legs, indicating that your legs are all resistance.The relaxed secondary legs can swim quickly. If you do not experience the hard and heavy leg training, you will not be a real whip leg, you can’t master the leg skills, and you can not hit the second leg.It is the highest state.

Don’t drag your elbow, 99%of people swimming are dragging elbows. In fact, high elbow is very difficult for everyone, because there is no such action on the road.But when you do it, you must have this consciousness. No matter whether you do it, you must work hard to do this. If you drag your elbow, it means you are swimming with your arm instead of the core force of the trunk.Free swimming is the best choice in open waters.If you ca n’t swim yourself, look at the game. The rhythm and play of two legs and six legs of the second legs are more to learn more and practice more analysis.Will swim with your brain.

The video, in the front is the free swimming legs I swim in the water, four legs and six legs.Everyone pays attention to staring at a certain arm while pushing the water to beat the side legs. In this way, the forward force is the largest, and the hips can also mobilize the hip tolerance to whip -shaped legs, and exert the maximum promotion effect.The back is the coordination of my legs to demonstrate the free swimming legs in the land.Be sure to mobilize the latissimuskin to make high elbows hold water to push water, and the movement arm is all the tall elbow.While the left arm accelerates the push of the water, hit the left leg.The hip is the hip drive thigh with a calf whip -shaped to accelerate the force.My demonstration is a bi -rowing cycle, the left arm and right arm are padded once, hitting secondary legs, and in the process and training process of practical exercises.But remember that these two times must be a heavy fight, that is, to accelerate the push of water and beat the side legs.

Two legs, six legs, high elbows.My free swimming screenshot:

Tall elbow.The level of the body is streamlined; the sharp and straight.

The first is to imitate the practice exercises. Be sure to do it correctly.There are more than a dozen decomposition travel.It is possible to be right if the decomposition is correct, or it may be wrong.The decomposition of oil is not practiced, and the combination is basically toad skills.It’s all wrong.Gu He couldn’t care.Everyone is wrong.

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