The Taoist does not talk about medical ethics, so that female patients are pregnant #影 道 道 道

Dao Dao did not talk about medical ethics, so he had to get pregnant.

The husband and wife were infertile. In order to give birth to a child, they asked the Chief Wolong Taoist Children at the expense.However, Wolong saw Duan Hong skin and beautiful, and suddenly he had evil thoughts, and cast a faint.He took the opportunity to come forward to help and had physical contact with Duan Hong, and he felt that it was not exciting enough.

So he said to Dai An: Mrs. Zun was poisoned. If he was not treated in time, he would not only be able to raise children, but he would have a worry about life.Dai was panicked and hurriedly begged Wolong to save his wife.Unexpectedly, this happened to fall into the Wolong Circle. On the grounds of cure, he asked Dai An to send Duan Hong to Taoist Taoist treatment.

When Wolong was treated for Duan Hong, he showed Duan Hong again, and his eyes flashed in his eyes, and Duan Hong became an obedient puppet, hugging him.

So Wolong did nothing described to Duan Hong.Soon Duan Hong gave birth to his son.But gradually Dai An found something wrong, but when the child received the toy sent by Wolong, his wife would scold.

In the end, under his questioning, Duan Hong said the truth. Dai An learned that his wife was defiled by Wolong, and the child was not his own.In the anger, he threw the evil species of Wolong and drowned the lake.I also learned that Wolong was trained into Ziwei Flying Star.So while he was in his tricks, he exerted a golden needle to seal the acupuncture point.He wants to make Wolong a living dead.

After finishing these wearing shores and rolled the windows and escape.Mrs. Wolong Han Dier was sowed everywhere because she was dissatisfied with her husband. At this time, she slipped to the Wolong Zen room.At the time of San, Wolong was ready to prepare Yuanshen to return.Unexpectedly, as soon as my hand touched the door, I was bounced away by a god of light.Seeing that Yuan Shen couldn’t return to his body, Wolong couldn’t help anxious, so he increased his strength to push the door. This time, he was directly shot into the courtyard.

Han Diener was sentenced to a decision by Bao Zheng for murdering his husband.When the madage was to drag her down, the ghost of her husband Wolong was induction, and suddenly rushed out of the prefecture into the county, wounded the two madages and rescued him.

Han Dieer murdered a ghost in his heart.After waking up, I saw Wolong was frightened.Although Wolong was romantic during his lifetime, he was still thinking about his wife after his death.Han Dier learned that it was her husband who saved himself, and when he was moved, he felt sorry for her husband.So he said that he was jealous because he prevented him from returning to his return.After listening, Wolong’s face changed greatly, and he had always suspected that killing himself was a tribute.Unexpectedly, the real murderer was his wife.

Han Die’er prayed for his forgiveness, which Wolong had a ghost, indicating that he would forgive his fault.He held Han Dier in his arms to comfort.Han Dieer was very happy, but the next second, Wolong actually cast his cast to him, and he wanted to cultivate all of him.

Han Die’s children were painful, and in a blink of an eye, Wolong was absorbed, and it fell to the ground into a bone.At this time, Wolong’s mana rose sharply and decided to remove Bao Zheng.Zhan Zhao went out immediately after hearing the movement, and the ground was lying on the ground.Suddenly, a red rope was flying and strangled Zhan Zhao’s neck.Seeing that Zhan Zhao was going to destroy Wolong’s hand, Bao Zheng scolded loudly. Which Wolong saw Bao Zheng, he rushed over without saying a word.The crescent of Bao Zheng’s forehead was released.Wolong in the golden light quickly fled, and the corner met Zhong Yan who came to catch him.Wolong immediately performed a shadow division, and he would compete with Zhong Yan.I did not know that Zhong Yan sacrificed the magic sword and split him.Wolong saw the incident and escaped.Because Wolong did a lot of evil, Yang Jian had a lot of life due to his death and injury, Bao Zheng had to open the altar and prayed for Zhong Tianshi to help him.Zhong Yan’s face was a little ugly, just because Wolong sucked Han Diener for doing it, his skill rose sharply, and he escaped in his hands.Zhong Yan said that let Bao Zheng join him with him. This Wolong had a weakness that he could exert the beauty to lead him and then remove it.

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