The suspected pregnant fat dog for a physical examination, the legs trembled like a sieve, the result was just fatty liver?

Anyone who raised pets knows that Mao children, like human children, are afraid to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Most of them started to tremble when they entered the hospital, as if they were criticized in front of the teachings; or they felt that "there are always Diaomin who wants to harm me."

The dogs and cats that can be calm and checked throughout the process are really a clear stream in the pet industry.

The dog is named Xiao Huang below.It looks like Bomei’s skewers, very old, about 14 years old.For some reason, the owner was abandoned in a pet hospital in Liaoning.

The doctor saw that the dog was quite fat. He was worried that if he was pregnant, he would become an elderly mother. Health problems must be planned in advance, so take it to make a B -ultrasound to see the working conditions of the organs in all aspects.

Those who have seen or do B -ultrasound should know that during the examination, doctors will apply liquid called medical coupling agent on the patient’s belly, and then use the instrument to slide back and forth on the skin to observe the image.Operation.

However, humans know that they are being checked and knowing that doctors will not hurt themselves, but pets don’t know wow!

The dog saw the doctor holding the tool back and forth on his belly. Although his face was calm, his trembling body had exposed his inner fear.

I saw the dog blinked with tears, and the whole body was trembling, and the hind legs were shaking, causing netizens to laugh more: Is the instrument leaking power, so exaggerated?

After the inspection was completed, the dog was completely paralyzed on the table.I don’t know if the legs are soft. The doctor patted its little belly and shouted it. It couldn’t afford it. In the end, the doctor hugged it to the ground.

As soon as the dog fell to the ground, the fat body ran to the cushion in the corner and lay down, and then he was still slightly stunned.

Seeing this, an employee was shocked by playing musical instruments on the spot. I did not expect that pet hospitals still have psychological guidance services!

The results of the inspection are also ridiculous: Dogs are not pregnant, but simply fat. The doctor also checked it with fatty liver. It seems that in the future, it has to reduce it.

Finally, everyone took a shower for the dog.The dog standing in the bathtub was still a little scared. He kept looking at the ground with his eyes, dare not look at people.Hey, I hope it can spend the rest of his life in the hospital.

The dog is abandoned in the old age. No matter what the reason, it will always make people feel a little desolate.I hope that the shovel officers can do their own beginning and end. After all, in their short life, the owners are the most important.

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