The same pregnant belly, the same month, the size of the belly is different, what does it represent?

The fetus gradually develops into a baby from a small embryo, which is a very magical process.In the process, pregnant mothers have a very intuitive feeling. Among them, Xianhuang is a very important step, and the child’s sense of presence will become heavier.Due to the different physical fitness of each person, there will be some differences.

When Xiao Li was pregnant for six or seven months, his stomach was just a little bit arms.During the check -up, I found that the stomach of the pregnant woman who came next to the birth examination looked particularly large. I thought it was almost born. As a result, it was like her for more than six months. It was almost seven months.In this way, Xiao Li’s belly seemed very small.

Is this condition normal?Is there a certain time for Xianhuai?

Generally speaking, most pregnant women’s sorrow time is three to four months of pregnancy. During this period, it is a normal phenomenon. It is not at this period of time, either too early or too late.

There are some reasons for the premature or too late for the sorrow.Some belong to normal phenomena, and some of the reasons may be more serious.According to research, if it is prematurely, there are usually these reasons:

1. Pregnant women suffer from gynecological diseases

If pregnant mothers suffer from certain gynecological diseases, they may be pregnant soon.At this time, pregnant mothers may feel abdominal distension and increase the secretions. Don’t take it lightly. This is a manifestation of inflammation in the body. Pay attention to go to the hospital for examination in time, and use the doctor’s opinion.

2. Abdominal flatulence after pregnancy

Shortly after pregnancy, although the baby in the stomach is still small, it has been developing.At this time, it may occur to the stomach and intestines, and flatulence may appear, so that the stomach will grow bigger, as if showing up.

3. The impact of hormones

After pregnancy, the hormone in the pregnant woman will change, causing changes in multiple parts of the body. For example, the chest becomes more plump and the belly becomes larger. If it is not accompanied by other symptoms, it is normal.

4. The impact of the position of the uterus

After pregnancy, is it easy to show, and it has a lot to do with the position of the mother’s uterus.If it is the front position of the uterus, it is easier to show.The front of the uterus is normal, and many people will do this.If it is the back position of the uterus, it may not be obvious.

If it is too late, it may be due to the following reasons: the pregnant mother’s body is thin and weak

Some pregnant women are relatively thin, and they may even have malnutrition. After pregnancy, the baby in the belly may also develop slowly, and it may not be easy to show.Proper nutrition control

When you are pregnant, you need to supplement a large amount of nutrition. Not only will the mother’s own body needs, but the baby in the belly also needs.When supplementing nutrition, pay attention to the balanced nutrition and control properly, and will not show up prematurely.

Frequent exercise

Some pregnant mothers have a late time, and compared with others, the pregnant belly has not been very large, and it may have something to do with exercise.For example, star Chen Yihan often runs often when he is about to come, and his physical fitness is better, and the pregnant belly has not been very large.

In fact, due to different personal constitutions, it is possible to show up early or later than normal during pregnancy.If you are worried about the baby’s condition, you can conduct the birth check in time to understand the baby’s physical condition.

If everything is normal, don’t worry too much.If there is an abnormal situation, it is necessary to adjust according to the doctor’s opinion.

I hope that when you are pregnant, you can be in a good state, and the babies born in the future will be healthy.

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