The quasi -daughter -in -law lived at home, her son wanted to break up, his parents strongly opposed, but now he eats bitter fruit

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Since the two can come together, it must be because of the love of each other and the foundation of love.Only when the husband singing and singing and work together can we operate the family well.If you have changed because of your own identity or the status of the other party, and you are not able to live, you cannot abandon or humiliate the other party, which will lead to the breakdown of marriage.Essence

Auntie Li’s self -report:

My surname is Li, 57 years old. It turned out to be an accountant in a unit and had retired for 2 years.The surname of his wife, 62 years old. It turned out to be a leader in an administrative unit and retreated.

When I was 52 years old, my son graduated from university and found a job after graduation. It was a recruitment system. In a neighborhood committee in the high -tech zone of our city, there are not too many things, but there are not many money.Thousand yuan.

The son met a girl during his college internship. He studied finance. After graduation, he did not find a suitable job, so he planned to take a civil servant. Because the family was rural townships, it was inconvenient to study and training.

Although I have not gotten married, it is a future daughter -in -law. Although I have not retired, I dare not neglect. In order to buy fresh vegetables, I have developed the habit of catching up in the morning market.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, go to the market. There is a small street that sells itself. They are planted by rural people. They ca n’t finish eating.Therefore, the vegetables are fresh and environmentally friendly and cheap.

After more than an hour, I went home after buying the vegetables and started to do it.

The prospective daughter -in -law never got up to help me once. I put the food on the table.Sometimes, I was too late to brush the bowl. When I came back at noon, the chopsticks were still on the table. After I came back, I picked up and brushed.

Sometimes, the prospective daughter -in -law stayed up late to study. After 12 o’clock, I needed to have a night meal. I did not hesitate to get up from the bed and do it for her.When she was full, it had to be more than an hour.I am a person who is hard to fall asleep once I wake up.It is often sleepy overnight.

I have no complaints about these. I think that the test has to be devoted to devoted. Now it is a very time that she has to give her a lot of time and a lot of energy to ensure the effect of learning.

In addition, now that we have come to our house, although they are not married, they have lived with my son, that is, the people of our family, I have the obligation to serve others and provide necessary learning conditions.

In this year, she took a training class, bought materials, written tests, interviews, including the cost of personal life, all of which were borne by her son because she had no job now.

The living expenses at home, like her son, never asked her to get a penny, and usually bought her clothes and shoes, and gave her 20,000 yuan for New Year’s money.

Once, the two went out to go shopping and had a contradiction. After returning, the son had to break up with her, but it was startled with us. Asked what it was, the son said that it was unsuitable for the three views.

I desperately persuaded my son.My wife knew it, and the ground ranged, and the fire got up. He said that you are irresponsible. People have been with you for a year. You said that you abandon others and abandon them. It is simply not moral.

If my husband is a school leader, he has educated students all day long. Traditionally, where can you allow children to do such things and resolutely oppose the child’s breakup.

The son’s personality is a bit cowardly. He is a honest child and listens to us.Maybe it was our words, maybe their feelings have not completely ruptured, and eventually they were married.

Soon after getting married, my daughter -in -law gave birth to a child. Since I had not retired, her daughter -in -law asked her mother to see the child.We also often help bring one area, and it is 5,000 yuan to give her mother every month, which is considered the cost of the child.

One year later, she took another civil servant exam. This time, she finally went ashore. She was admitted to a bureau in our city and became a formal national cadre.

Since then, her attitude has begun to change, and all day has deliberately created contradictions.First of all, we don’t give children.We said, do you let your mother bring it, aren’t we giving money?

She said, you are for your grandson, not for my mother, just a little money, not enough to send for meals.There was no way, we took another 100,000 yuan and gave her to calm her emotions.

The child is three years old.Once, she took the child to our house for dinner. I was cooking in the kitchen. Her child and the child of the younger son ran to play in the living room. For some reason, her child ran down and broke the forehead.A few stitches were sewn in the hospital.

For this reason, she moved to the liver. First of all, we did not give her a good luck, and then the child of the younger son was a barbarian. He took the child away without eating.

From then on, no matter how Chinese New Year or the holidays, we ca n’t come to our house. If we think of my grandson, we can only look at the school or my son’s house.

The only thing to call is to ask for money, saying that the child is going to report the English class, and you have to write a class. You have to pay for it.After my wife and I retired, I contracted a cafeteria in one place. With a little bit of generosity at hand, she squeezed us every day. On that day, the child’s living expenses should be long, 5,000 yuan is not enough, and the child is getting bigger and bigger.

As long as we have a little reluctance, she said that we gave all the money to the younger son. In fact, we are afraid that we are not fair, and there are no opinions. Both of them are the same.

Although the younger son, the two sons often come to our house to see us, the salary level is not as high as the two of them, but we have not biased towards the younger son at all.It is nothing more than the younger son’s family who often comes, and eats a little more often.

That day, I avoided our old man and went to my eldest son’s house. I happened to touch the eldest son at home. I asked, what about them.The son said that she accompanied her mother to take the child and go shopping together.I said, why didn’t you follow.

The son suddenly came, saying, Mom I want to divorce. If you and my dad, don’t want me to leave, I have to die here.I was startled, and said busy, tell your mother, what’s going on!

The eldest son said that since the daughter -in -law was admitted to the civil servant, coupled with the challenge of her old lady, she was not a face to me. What to say, marrying a Han, marrying and eating, and eating and eating.Not enough, I still expect you to raise us, that’s not hungry.

When they cook, they have always done only they eat them by themselves. I can only eat leftovers at home. I have no status at home.Last time, she was Yang, and I waited for him wholeheartedly, letting her be isolated in the north room room. The child lived alone with her mother. I was inseparable from her side. After ten days, she was fine.

I was yang. At that time, I fell asleep on the bed, had a high fever and cough, and was weak. No one poured me a glass of water. After I got up, I only saw a note on the table.For the children, the three of them went to her mother’s house.As soon as I opened the refrigerator, there were only a few frozen buns.I really want to cry without tears.I didn’t call you either, I have no face!Saying here, the son shed tears.

The son went on to say that after ten days, after she returned from her mother, I said, let’s divorce!She said with a joke, yes!Just your salary, I am afraid that you will starve the street.I tell you the truth, I really can’t give me a divorce!I calculate anything for a month, nearly 20,000 wages, where I can’t find a good man. You go to our unit to inquire. I do n’t know how much. People look for it again. Which one is not better than you!

I said, your training exams were all my money. Why not think of my salary in our house?You ask for such money from our house, and you spit me out!

She said that at the beginning, it was you willing to give it. I haven’t asked you for your youth loss?As for the money you gave, it was for his grandson, and I didn’t want his money. He wanted to go to his grandson.

Looking at my son’s poor look, my heart hurts.How did his marriage come to this step!I looked at my son sadly and said, do you hate me and your dad? At the beginning, if it wasn’t for us to stop you from breaking up, maybe it would not be today —————————————————————-

Are we really doing it wrong?

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