The pregnant woman jumped in the middle of the night, and the hemorrhage was hospitalized without taking care. After the husband knows, the husband knows: you deserve it

At night, the shiny neon lights illuminated the whole city.People are immersed in warm music in the nightclub, dancing their bodies.However, on this enthusiastic night, a pregnant woman chose to come here.

Xiaoyu has been pregnant for six months.As a period of due date, her mood became even more disturbing.In order to reduce the pressure, Xiaoyu decided to relax with friends to the nightclub.

Although he knew that he was fragile, Xiao Yu could not resist the temptation of music.She danced wildly with her friends, and released her heart pressure.However, a beautiful night was broken in an instant.

Suddenly, Xiaoyu felt a dramatic pain in her abdomen, and her face fell pale to the ground.Friends panicked her to the hospital.

The doctor told Xiaoyu that there was a major bleeding during her pregnancy.Xiaoyu was panicked, and she realized that her irresponsibility brought huge risks to her children.She regretted it and paid the price for her light.

During the hospitalization, Xiaoyu lay lonely on the bed.She thought sadly that if she could realize her fault early, maybe all this would not happen.

After her husband Xiaoming learned of his wife, he was furious.He was coldly blamed for Xiaoyu and bluntly said, "You deserve it! How can you be so irresponsible?"

Xiao Yu couldn’t accept the accusations of her husband. She felt that she had paid the price and why she was splashed with cold water.Her tears rolled down like the broken beads.

However, Xiaoming did not stop his blame.He told Xiao Yu about the scene he saw outside the hospital.He saw a husband accompanied by his wife, taking care of all her needs, and solving her problems for her.And Xiaoyu has only loneliness and blame.

Xiaoming’s words made Xiaoyu even more heartache.She realized that she not only let her children bear risks, but also disappointed and sad her husband.She regrets that if she can come again, she will make different choices.

Gradually, Xiao Yu’s emotions calmed down.She decided to learn from experience from this lesson and cherish the happiness of herself and her family.She decided to be responsible for the future of her child, and her mother love poured her heart at this moment.

Seeing the change of Xiao Yu, Xiaoming’s inner anger gradually transformed into care and concerns.He couldn’t stand Xiao Yu and was injured again. He decided to be the responsibility of a husband and father, guarding the light rain and the upcoming child.

During this time, Xiao Yu and Xiaoming learned a lot about pregnancy.They went to the hospital to check regularly, and Xiaoming personally helped Xiaoyu to do some housework.Their relationship has become more solid and their love is more mature.

Finally, Xiaoyu gave birth to a child smoothly.She hugged her child tightly, and her tears kept flowing.She thanked God heaven for giving her for her, so that she could start again and complete the mission of motherly love.

Xiaoming held Xiaoyu’s hand tightly. He said gratefully: "Thank you, Xiaoyu. You let us all understand the importance of responsibility. We will guard this home together and give children a warm and happy growth environment."

Xiaoyu nodded with a smile, she knew that this was their common promise.From that day, Xiao Yu and Xiaoming’s love have become deeper. They have worked hard to build a happy family together to allow children to grow up in warm love.

This story tells us that responsibility is the cornerstone of love.Even after making mistakes, as long as we can recognize our mistakes and make corrections, love can still re -ignite.Responsibility and guardianship are our best expression of our lover and family, and the best efforts we have paid for happiness.”情”

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