The pregnant mother’s belly button is protruding or recessed, mostly related to these three points, do you know?

Not long ago, Xiao Lan went to the prenatal education class and found that her navel was different from some mothers. She was protruding out, and most mothers were recessed.Xiao Lan went to the hospital for examination because he was afraid of what had problems with the fetus.Then why some pregnant mothers have the navel, and some are recessed. Generally speaking, these three reasons are inseparable.See what you guess?

Fit in the baby

As the fetus grew up day by day, the mother’s belly was more and more supported, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus was almost mature.At this time, there will always be some small movements in the mother’s belly, and the mother can obviously feel a powerful fetal movement. If the fetus is too hard, it is easy to push the mother’s navel.Other fetuses are relatively large, and if there are more amniotic fluid, the pressure on the abdomen will make the navel protruding. This phenomenon is normal.If my mother feels that her belly button is protruding and the abdomen has pain, she must go to the hospital for a examination to prevent other problems.

Excessive body and tiredness

After some mothers are pregnant, they have become the key protection objects at home. Don’t do this and do not let that do that. It can be said that it is delicious and delicious.However, some mothers have to continue to do housework even after pregnancy. Due to the long period of bending, the body can not get a good rest, which will cause too much abdominal pressure, and the navel will be convex.Healthy development is also unfavorable, so pregnant mothers don’t take any housework on themselves, don’t let yourself be too tired.

Pregnant mother’s own skin impact

Because after the fetus becomes larger, the belly is also opened. Some mothers usually have the habit of exercising and fitness. Relatively speaking, the skin will be more flexible, and the muscle strength is better.Proponate.Some mothers usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, causing poor skin elasticity. Therefore, as the belly is enlarged, not only can it be prone to stretch marks, but the navel is also protruding.

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly button is normal whether it is recessed or protruding, and it is normal. Do not worry too much.Other people say that the navel is concave or convex, which is related to whether they have men or women. There is no scientific basis for this statement.But one thing is that if the navel drum is more serious, it may also be compressed by the intestine, it is best to go to the hospital to check in time.

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