The pregnant mother will dream of a small white flying dragon every night.

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Many Bao moms around have said that since pregnancy, I have always had some strange dreams. I also dream before pregnancy, but I have not been so frequently. I have been awake before.Chu’s remembers, maybe everyone’s understanding of dreams is different. Some people feel that they just have some dreams and nights, and they will not care too much. For pregnant women, their dreams are "tiresDream ", what the baby wants to say to himself,

Rong Rong is like this. In the few days when I learned that I was pregnant, I could always dream that there were two dragons in the sky. One small black dragon and a small white dragon. When she saw the little white dragon defeated by the small black dragon, she would be defeated by the little black dragon.Take it home to nourish the wound, Xiaobailong laughed at her, and then woke up. After waking up, Rong Rong also woke up the husband who woke up and said this dream."The prepared baby supplies are also pink,"

On this day, when I went to the B time, Rong Rong also wanted to explore the doctor’s tone, and said intentionally, "Do you, my son is okay?" The doctor said: How do you think you are a son, Rong Rong will take Meng Tsai carefullyAfter telling the doctor, the doctor said salty and indifferently: "This is not necessarily possible. Your dream is not a good sign. Hurry up and pay attention to your sleep quality!"Yue, I felt that she was getting tired, causing the fetus to come out without a full month. What surprised Rongrong was that she was not a son, but a daughter. This time it was Rong Rong dumbfounded. As a result, the doctor told her:The reason for your premature birth this time is because you have too much dreaming, so I did not listen to you at the beginning.

Which "fetal dreams" are not good?

1: Too frequent

The most important thing for pregnant women is sleep. If pregnant women always dream frequently, and the time is long, it is the problem of sleep quality of pregnant women. A good sleep quality has a very important role in pregnant women and fetuses.Thinking about it, if this is often the case, it will affect the rest of the fetus, and it may induce premature or even abortion!

2: Too exciting horror

Some pregnant women like to watch horror movies, or are frightened, so they occasionally dream of some thrilling and horrible dreams. After being awakened, they can’t sleep. These are because pregnant women are usually too nervous or they are in a long -term.It is caused by noisy environment. If you do this kind of dream, pregnant women must relax and relax, so as not to allow the phenomenon that may induce premature or even abortion!

3: Anxious dream

Some pregnant women will be very insecure when they are about to due, so that they will dream of not finding a child or a child suddenly born when dreaming, that is, the child suddenly disappears, and he will sweat after waking.It is the first time to be a mother, and I will always be particularly careful. This is also normal. However

In fact, good sleep is not only important to pregnant women, but also more important to the fetus. If you always have such a dream during pregnancy, then you are not a good sign for the fetus and pregnant women.

After reading this article, have you had such a dream during pregnancy?What dreams do you have?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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