The pregnant mother who just conceives the first fetus must look at it. For the first time to go to the birth checkup, these preparations must be made in advance

There are many things that need to pay attention to for the first birth child.If we can prepare these preparations, they will be ready at the first time of delivery.Therefore, we don’t need to feel panic because of this incident, calming some problems without any problems.However, there are still some pregnant women who are curious. What should I pay attention to when the first delivery test?

What should be prepared for the first time to do the checkup?

First of all, we need to understand the hospital’s environment. When we have determined the hospital’s hospital, we need to understand the situation of the hospital in many ways so that we can do it in our hearts.Usually we need to understand the departments we have to go to, including outpatient section, laboratory, ultrasound room, payment office and other series of rooms.

Generally speaking, the hospital has a guidance staff, so we can ask them for the process of their production inspection, including how each department should line up, where should the urine cups take, and when the time period has more people.After we solve all these problems clearly, there will be no doubt.

Furthermore, we must wear clothes that are easy to take off, because we need to draw blood when conducting a check -up, and need to take urine and leucorrhea, so we should wear some clothes that are wide and easy to lift up.Especially during the winter checkup, such clothes should be guaranteed to be loose and easy to put on and take off.If you wear tight clothes, you will become very troublesome during the inspection process.

At the same time, we have to go on an empty stomach, and we also need to bring food and water.Because many blood -drawn inspection items need to be carried out on an empty stomach, we must be hungry when we do the birth check.Of course, we can prepare some food and water before that, and we can eat it after finishing these inspections, otherwise it is easy to occur with hypoglycemia.

We also need to remember the last menstrual date, because doctors must determine whether the fetus is normal at the same time according to the last menstrual time.So before that, we must not forget the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, we can make a signature.In this way, you can ensure that your menstrual date can be spoken at any time. Otherwise, when the doctor asked us, it would be easy for us to not remember to delay the inspection.

Furthermore is that we also need to use good maternity leave. Each place of maternity leave is different, and even the regulations of each enterprise are different.Therefore, women who work in the workplace should learn about this problem and make good use of the holidays.Remember to ask the doctor to prove it during the checkup, so that we can facilitate our leave.

We also need to prepare the cost of the checkup. The cost of the first production inspection is relatively large, and it is available in 2000 to 200.The expenses of the inspection mainly depends on what projects we check. The standards collected by each local hospital are different from the local consumption, so we bring more money and bring a bank card at the same time.

There are some localized check -ups that can be reimbursed, so before the birth check, we also need to contact the guidance or responsible persons in charge of the hospital, so that we can facilitate us to understand more things.

What do you need to pay attention to during the checkup?

For girls in the first birth inspection, we must check the urine, and we only need to leave the middle urine.So at this time we can throw away the urine in the first half of the half, and then leave the middle urine to test, so that the result will be more real.

Many hospitals help pregnant women to keep the cases and files of the birth check and put them in a special file bag.Of course, some hospitals also hope that pregnant women can keep these things by themselves and bring them over the next check, so we must avoid loss.And in this process, doctors will also tell us that we must remember the date of the next delivery.

In addition, when we do inspection, don’t be too anxious. There are many pregnant women because they have not done these things, so we think a lot of things.If we always do this, then our pressure will become very large.So in the face of this incident, we try not to put too much pressure on ourselves. We need to face all this in front of us in a optimistic way.

At the same time, obey the doctor’s insights and the guidance of the doctor, so as to ensure that we will not have much problems during the checkup.Many women just do not know how to cooperate with doctors, so they will extend the time of examination.

In fact, many pregnant women will feel anxious and nervous in the first birth examination, but we can only understand the development of the fetus through the birth check, so we can relax to cooperate with the doctor.For children’s health, we also need to do this.Of course, we can also learn more about this before this, which can make our pressure smaller.

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