The pregnant mother takes a takeaway four times a day, and the fried chicken is hot and spicy in turns.

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The current takeaway is fast and convenient. It is the choice of many young people. With fast food such as fried chicken and spicy spicy, it is loved by young people. But is this lifestyle really good?

Xiao Zhao, a newbie pregnant mother after 95, has always been stable after pregnancy. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, he went to the hospital for a checkup, but the doctor immediately asked Xiao Zhao to hospitalize hospitalized.

After inspection, the indicator of Xiao Zhao’s blood lipids has been seriously exceeded. The triglyceride has exceeded 10 times, and the blood pressure has been at a critical value. It has also suffered from pregnancy diabetes. Even the development of the fetus is seriously harmful. It needs to be treated immediately.

When the doctor had surgery for Xiao Zhao, the doctor found that Xiao Zhao’s amniotic fluid had become dark green, and the blood in the uterine cavity was drawn. He found that there was a thick layer of milky white blocks on it, just like milk.

Seeing this, many pregnant mothers will feel incredible. There are obviously not much problems in the previous production test, but why did it become like this in 39 weeks?

When the doctor found that Xiao Zhao had a strangeness, he asked Xiao Zhao’s medical history. Xiao Zhao said the reason. After pregnancy, Xiao Zhao always felt very hungry and would add meals to himself every day.Not controlled.

If you add meals normally, most of the little Zhao is a takeaway, and most of them are heavy foods. For example, fried chicken and spicy spicy are her favorite, and four meals are not greasy a day.

Takeaway four times a day, and the fried chicken spicy hot and spicy turns to eat, which is also such an unhealthy eating habit that led Xiao Zhao to become what he is now. If Xiao Zhao was not so let go of himself, maybe there was no such situation today.

Nowadays, most young people’s diet is the same as Xiao Zhao. It can take a large amount of high -calorie, high sugar, high oil, and high salt foods for a long time.Reduce and easily cause three higher diseases.

As a pregnant mother, we need to pay attention to it. We need to know that after pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will change appetite. In the early stage, they may be lost due to pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother at this time is allowed to eat the sea, it is easy to have problems. For example, the consumed nutritional surplus can easily affect the physical condition of the pregnant woman. In severe cases, it will also affect the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not let themselves be allowed, and they must be a healthy diet. So how can they be a healthy diet during pregnancy?The following points can pay more attention.

1. To achieve nutritional balance

A balanced diet is important. Do not eat partially when eating. Grain, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables must be eaten well. Do not eat only one kind of food because you like some kinds of food.,Nutritional balance.

2. Can eat less meals

Pregnant women can add meals, but pay attention to the weight. Each meal is full of 7, 8 minutes, eat less meals, 4 ~ 5 meals a day. Such a diet can not only reduce the blood sugar fluctuations of pregnant mothers, but also help maintain the figure.Essence

3. Pay attention to the order of dining

The order of dining is actually very important. Baoma can first eat vegetables, meat, and finally eat staple foods. This can control the diet, avoid overeating, and consume balanced nutrition.

4. Eat less healthy food

Unhealthy foods are high -fat, high sugar, high salt and other foods, such as fried chicken and spicy spicy in the case.In addition to these, we must pay more attention when cooking at home. Oil, salt, sugar and other condiments are best to put less. Eat various pickles and sauces less. We must be light.

5. Reduce the number of meals to go out

Many young pregnant mothers choose to go out for dining in order to save trouble. Although the food outside the food is full of color and fragrance, some shops will add a lot of condiments to pursue the taste, and whether the ingredients are fresh.Reduce the number of meals.

In addition to a healthy diet, proper exercise can not only help pregnant mothers have a healthy body, which is conducive to the health of the baby’s baby, but also greatly helps to give birth in the future.

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