The pregnancy test stick is not 100 % accurate. These factors may cause pregnancy test failure. As a result, it may be misleading.

Many women detect whether they are pregnant by testing sticks, and they usually detect them through early morning urine.If the pregnancy test stick shows the double red bar, it may prove that it is pregnant.However, sometimes it is also vulnerable to the impact of hormones in the body, resulting in the deviation of the results detected by the pregnancy test stick.These factors will cause pregnancy test failure, and the results may be misleading.

Will there be a mistake in the pregnancy test stick?

Many women feel doubtful because of this. Will the pregnancy test stick really wrong?The answer is correct.Even if a regular pregnancy test stick is used, the accuracy rate can only reach 90%.If you choose a bad quality pregnancy test stick, then you cannot detect whether women are pregnant.Of course, if the results are not detected for the first time, you can re -detect it again three days later.

A variety of factors affect the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick. For example, the pregnancy time is too short or the operation is improper, and even taking some drugs in advance to affect the final result.In order to make the pregnancy test stick more accurate, it can be detected with early morning urine when the menstruation stops about 10 days.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that we must use the pregnancy test stick produced by regular manufacturers, and we need to pay attention to the validity period.In order to be able to diagnose whether you are pregnant, after 6 weeks of menopause, you should go to a regular hospital for B -ultrasound, or HCG, so as to reach a 100%accuracy rate.

What factor can cause pregnancy test failure?

First of all, it is necessary to say that there is no correct operation. Many women have not read the instructions carefully at all, and they are not detected according to the formal process. In the end, the problem of inaccurate pregnancy inspection sticks will occur.To test whether pregnancy is used to test the pregnancy, it is mainly to verify this by testing the HCG contained in the urine.

For women who are just pregnant, the HCG concentration in these women’s bodies is relatively low.If you drink a lot of water before that, you will dilute the HCG concentration in the urine, so that the detection will not be accurate.Therefore, for women, you must detect water in the early morning and do not drink water before the test.After the pregnancy test is over, you can choose to drink water, and there will be no big problems at this time.

Of course, this is too short to get pregnant, and it is also related.When some women find that their menstruation does not come on time, she will worry about her pregnancy, so she will immediately use the pregnancy test stick to detect whether they are pregnant.Whether to get pregnant.

If a woman’s pregnancy time is relatively short, then there is no way to detect the concentration of HCG from the urine, so the test results will not be accurate.This means that one week after menstruation stops, you can choose to use pregnancy tests for pregnancy, so that the result will be more accurate, and at the same time, you can also test whether women are pregnant.

In addition, there are some women who take some hormone drugs before using the pregnancy test stick, which will also affect the test results.This method will cause people who are not pregnant to have double red bars or pseudo -pregnancy. This is because after taking hormone drugs, the concentration of HCG will increase or reduce.Of course, there are some women who use expiration or moisture test sticks when they check their bodies, which will also affect normal results.

Even if women are pregnant, the results that can be checked are likely to indicate that they are not pregnant.So before preparing for pregnancy, try not to take hormone drugs or do not take medicine at all.After the pregnancy test is completely ended, the habit of taking medicine is restored.Do not think that drugs have little effect on pregnancy testing. In fact, drugs are most likely to affect the final judgment, which makes the results a gap with the facts.

Furthermore, women have abortion or abortion. With the growth of the placenta during pregnancy, the HCG level will continue to rise, and it will double every day.It will reach its peak in about 10 weeks.After the end of pregnancy, the HCG level will continue to decline, but this process is relatively slow, so it is normal to test the positive positive.

There is also a specific medical problem. Although this situation is relatively rare, some medical conditions can also lead to a false positive condition that the pregnancy test sticks show.For example, urinary tract infection leads to blood or white blood cell kidney disease in the urine.At the same time, ovarian cysts are also prone to such problems, especially luteum cysts.

Of course, some women have diseases such as ovarian cancer, and this disease can easily make the pregnancy test stick show false positive results.

Therefore, it can be seen from this perspective that the pregnancy test stick is not 100%accurate. Some factors will cause pregnancy test failure, and the end result is likely to be misleading.Of course, if we feel that the effect of pregnancy testing is not so good, we can also detect whether we are pregnant by B -ultrasound.After all, there are many equipment for testing pregnancy, and there is no need to use pregnancy test sticks.

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